How not to end a marriage with love for children: the advice of psychologists

Как не разрушить брак любовью к детям: советы психологов

Overprotection not only harms children, but also destroys your marriage, psychologists believe

Psychologists have described how Hyper the children harm the relationship of husband and wife.

“Sooner or later parents will feel exhausted, emotionally and physically exhausted. They won’t know what to do, but your child and lose yourself as a person,” — said in comments perinatal psychologist Julia Fedorova.

Как не разрушить брак любовью к детям: советы психологов

“If the mother is given only to the child, the relationship with the Pope under threat. A man is not getting attention from his wife, accumulated grievances, and in two once so close people start conflicts, and then seek solace in other places, often end in divorce,” adds Mariana Franco, who is a practicing psychologist, psihoterapevta.

“In conclusion I would give this advice: draw on a sheet of paper a circle is the wheel of your life. Divide it into major segments: the child, home, husband, friends, self-development, leisure, self-care, Hobbies and everything else.

Now honestly describes each segment, despite a scale from 1 to 10, where unity is the center of the circle. More than this in your life, the more the area will be sketched. Looking at this circle, you will know what you’re doing in moderation. So try to fix it. For crooked the wheel will not go far, ” says another perinatal psychologist Elena Zhabina.

Как не разрушить брак любовью к детям: советы психологов

We will remind, the kids called 6 reasons why you don’t want to ask for help to parents: you must know them.

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Many children refuse to go to their parents for help even in the most dangerous situations. The reasons for this behavior.

About them told the sexologist Julia Yarmolenko. According to her, she noticed this problem after the lecture on the theme of sexual violence for 10-12 year old children. Then many of the children listened to her, said they would not seek help even if they themselves were victims of violence. After talking with the children, Yarmolenko has identified the 6 most common reasons why they refuse to ask for help from parents.

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