How much alcohol can be drunk middle-aged people

Сколько спиртного можно пить людям среднего возраста

Lovers of alcohol in middle age should not afford to drink every day. According to British scientists, it poses to human health additional risks.

According to researchers, even if the person loves spirits, after crossing the boundary and reaching middle age it is better to make adjustments. In particular, it is recommended to do at least two “fasting” days, during which alcohol in the diet will be completely absent. In Britain, in this regard, even launched a massive campaign of “the Days of free booze”. In the framework of the project citizens will be informed about the dangers of bad habits, will tell you how to reduce the use of alcohol, or how to get rid of their addiction completely.

Polls show that in Britain, in fact, one in five uses doses of alcohol in excess of recommended levels. Besides, it is easier to go on a diet, start to follow some rules of healthy lifestyle or to give up other bad habits, than to completely stop drinking alcohol.

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