How many cigarettes is able to “kill” the smoker

Сколько выкуренных сигарет способны "убить" курильщика

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Norwegian scientists have calculated how the number of cigarettes smoked has a negative impact on heart health.

For information scientists analyzed 29 studies, writes Daily Mail.

The experiment showed that the Smoking cigarettes is likely to be atrial fibrillation. Also increases the likelihood of developing atrial arrhythmia type.

This disease increases the risk of premature death several times.

In total, the study involved 7 thousand people. It turned out that the likelihood of developing atrial fibrillation is directly dependent on the number of cigarettes smoked.

Therefore, the risk of the aforementioned heart disease increases by 9%, if you smoke 5 cigarettes every day, and 10 cigarettes per day will increase this figure to 14%.

If every day to smoke a pack of cigarettes, the chance of developing atrial fibrillation will increase by 32%.

The scientists also found that nearly half of smokers often suffer from irregular heartbeats.

And did you know that cigarette Smoking kills six human organs.

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