How many actually can drink

Сколько на самом деле можно пить

Researchers from Cambridge University published in the scientific medical journal “Lancet” a study on the impact of alcohol on the human life span. They identified the “alcohol limit”, beyond which is fraught with reduction of spent light years.

A team of researchers analyzed the health status and level of alcohol consumption in more than 600 thousand people from 19 States. According to their calculations, the maximum allowable amount of alcohol in a week составляет14 “drinks” per week for women and for men. 14 “drink” is 14 shots of vodka at 25ml, 6 pints of beer 560мл, 6 glasses of wine at 175ml.

At the same time, the study showed that life begins to shorten, if a person regularly uses not 14, as stated above, only 5 “drinks” per week. And the higher the quantity consumed over this threshold, the more the period for which shortens life. So, those who regularly drink 15 “drinks” a week in the life is shortened by 1-2 years, those who drank 18 – already for 5 years.

Scientists have made reservations. According to them, drinking alcohol is not daily, between episodes libations should take place 1-2 days. In addition, they strongly do not recommend to drink the entire dose of alcohol immediately, it should be done in small portions (for example, during the evening).

Commenting on the findings of British researchers, neuroscientist Raul Gainetdinov noted that the studies demonstrated the ability of alcohol in small doses stimulate the transmission of impulses between nerve cells in the brain, thus boosting cognitive ability. But this effect was only given to the use of strictly light doses – any excess immediately stopped the positive effects of alcohol.

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