How hormones affect daily well-being: that every woman should know

Как гормоны ежедневно влияют на самочувствие: об этом должна знать каждая женщина

Health women daily is dependent on hormones. Do not be afraid of this fact, but that you need to know to physiology had no effect on daily life

We used to believe that hormonal changes just before menstruation, causing discomfort, such as bloating, sore Breasts, mood swings.

Yet research shows that hormonal fluctuations occur throughout the month.

Как гормоны ежедневно влияют на самочувствие: об этом должна знать каждая женщина

Day 1-12

You have high blood cholesterol level in the blood.

According to a recent study, cholesterol level jumps by 20% during the follicular phase of the cycle. It is in this phase of developing follicle from which the egg will be released, which then can turn into the developing fetus and finally a baby. This phrase begins on the first day of menstruation and ends at ovulation. Takes about half the cycle. Special cells in this phase produce sex hormones estrogens.

You are more prone to injury

Hormones can reduce muscle control in this period, making knee injuries more likely. To prevent injury, do exercises to strengthen the knee muscles.

Day 13-15

You harder to focus

Elevated levels of estrogen during ovulation can affect concentration. Allot more time in search of keys.

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You grow sexual desire

Women feel like when they are most fertile.

Day 16-28

Can hurt the gums

The sharp increase in levels of progesterone before menstruation can increase the inflammation and soreness of the gums. Visit the dentist at the beginning of a cycle, or take pain medication before the visit.

Как гормоны ежедневно влияют на самочувствие: об этом должна знать каждая женщина

Craving for certain foods on the rise

The sharp drop in estrogen affects chemicals in the brain responsible for good mood that makes you crave sugar and starch. Do not deny yourself the piece of chocolate — black — you deserve it.

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