How do you know that coffee is harmful to health: five reasons to turn down a drink

Как узнать, что кофе вредит здоровью: пять причин отказаться от напитка

Our body gives us signals, if there is something wrong. In case of overdose or of perception by the body of coffee, you can read about it on a number of grounds

Drinking coffee can bring many benefits to body, research this was confirmed more than once. But also scientists are well aware that sensitivity to caffeine and his metabolsim associated with individual characteristics of the organism, and genetics.

How to understand that coffee that you drink, not “friendly” to the body. Doctors called multiple signals sent in such cases, the body.

Как узнать, что кофе вредит здоровью: пять причин отказаться от напитка

The first symptom: abdominal pain. Recently, scientists have discovered that some compounds of coffee activates the production of gastric juice, which is bad for the state of the mucosa. Abdominal pain is one of the signs that coffee drinking bad for you.

The second symptom: palpitations. Another sign of unfriendliness coffee for the body. It must be considered to stop drinking coffee, otherwise, in the work of the heart can cause serious disturbance.

The third sign: diarrhea. If you are accustomed to drinking coffee, and no reason for frequent visits to the toilet is not likely, the matter is in the drink.

The fourth symptom: tremor. Everyone knows that coffee invigorates and tones. But this effect can harm the body – for example, in the case of hypersensitivity to caffeine or the abuse of coffee. Thus it is necessary to either reduce the dose or stop drinking altogether (at least temporarily).

Как узнать, что кофе вредит здоровью: пять причин отказаться от напитка

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The fifth symptom: headache. As a rule, the harmful effect of coffee drinking is associated with drinking too much, and ignore the additional intake of water needed for the coffee lovers. In addition to headaches can also be a feeling of fatigue, loss of strength.

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