How a caesarean affects a child’s life: the astrologer gave the answer

Как кесарево влияет на жизнь ребенка: астролог дала ответ

The astrologer told how a caesarean affects a person’s life and why it is not necessary to resort to it is a big risk

Astrologer Renata Raevskaya, specially for Clutch in an exclusive interview he answered the most strange and intriguing questions that people can ask the astrologer. One of them: how a caesarean affects a person’s life?

The answer is simply amazing. It turns out that it’s a big risk, and people who deliberately make planned cesarean section, literally playing with the fate of their child. And the consequences can be very unpredictable.

Как кесарево влияет на жизнь ребенка: астролог дала ответ

Natural birth always implies a kind of fate. And people who do a caesarean deliberate, not when it is necessary in the circumstances and it’s up to the doctor, the risk of a child’s life. Because the child may be destined to a kind of date of birth, the firmament, the stars, arranged one way or another… When we intervene in these things is a very big risk. After all, each man has his own plan of the Lord.

Through this Caesar we change their destiny. A person born via C-section, lives, and then one realizes: “I do not live my life. I feel it and can’t understand why it is happening to me”.

However, there are cases when famous people were born via cesarean section – and the fate they have improved. But it’s like a lottery — you never know what will cause such interference. Still, it’s a very small chance that because of the birth through cesarean section the fate of the person will improve.

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