Housing education: the construction will begin

sept-ans-apres-lancement-demarches(Granby) Seven years after the launch approaches, the housing project of the Education Office municipal d’habitation (OMH) Granby finally materialize, rue Le Corbusier. Construction will begin this spring, confirmed Tuesday the director general of the agency, Sylvie Lafontaine.

“It remains only to sign the contract with the contractor (Axim Construction). The work will take place in spring, summer and winter. The hiring is planned for 2017, “said Ms. Lafontaine. The exact date of start of work still to be confirmed with the contractor, she said.

Monday at the council meeting, elected officials have authorized the payment of part of the financial contribution of the City project, or $ 805,000 of the sum of $ 1.2 million granted to and including the value of the land which will be built the building.

“I’m happy, but I’m stumped. It took seven years to build 24 social housing, “dropped the mayor Pascal Bonin media after the council meeting.

The mayor emphasized the innovative nature of the project, while the clientele is families, including one parent or both are students. A partnership was concluded with the CPE nose-to-nose for the construction of a day care 66 seats, adjacent to the planned building. But Pascal Bonin concerned that the creation of social housing has practically been in neutral in recent years.

“That’s what hurts my heart: the waiting list continued to increase. She has not diminished. (…) Granby really is the poor relation of affordable housing. And it’s not because the board is not proactive, “says Bonin mayor.


Sylvie Lafontaine says for his part that the participation of two departments in the project (the Family and of Municipal Affairs and Land Occupancy) has complicated steps in the case of Street Project Le Corbusier. “Normally it takes two years,” she said.

Pascal Bonin believes that, in the circumstances, it will “take all the stops.” “If I embark on another project, it will bring more than 100 homes. You have to give a go, otherwise we will never advance. That’s why we bought the land on Saint-Jacques Street, “he said.

This acquisition was made by the city in January 2015 for $ 1 million. The goal: to build 96 apartments for singles and couples 50 years and older.

“The request was sent to the Quebec Housing Corporation. It will become our priority as soon as the draft rue Le Corbusier will be triggered. By the end of the year, we will do the necessary follow for it to be accepted, “says the executive director of OMH.

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