Houseplants that bring happiness and well-being

Flowers add balance to the flow of energy, add comfort and coziness.

Кімнатні рослини, які приносять щастя і благополуччя

Practice the ancient Chinese method of Feng Shui helps man to live in nature without destroying it, and creating and enriching. Feng Shui is the ability to live in balance with the surrounding world, to use the flow of energy to your benefit. The house is the place where you want to rest comfortably and to relax after work, informs Rus.Media.

A lot of people like to decorate their homes. Someone who likes flowers, but someone attracted to trees and cacti. What plants bring home happiness and prosperity in Feng Shui?

Indoor plants and Feng Shui

Not everyone knows that an important role in creating a cozy atmosphere of the home flows have a Yin and Yang. If one of the energies dominates, a discomfort. Flowers add balance to the flow of energy, add comfort and coziness.

If you have the optimal combination of Yin and anskih flows, they grow well, bloom, have healthy stems and leaves.

Trees and flowers represent Wood element; pots from ceramics and porcelain, the Earth element. Feng Shui advises to keep them in the East or in the South-East, not banning and other sectors. With proper location of such plants will bring in all the happiness and prosperity they bring harmony to marital relationships, enhance health.

Exposed in the Northern part, will help to advance your career. The rules do not recommend to put plants in the bathroom and the bedroom.

Кімнатні рослини, які приносять щастя і благополуччя

The role of flowers and trees at home is huge:

  1. They contribute to the beauty and complement the interior.
  2. Air filter and saturate with oxygen.
  3. Harmonize the flow of Qi.
  4. Add the element of Wood and increase the quality of energy.

The flowers are useful, but some should be avoided. Plants with sharp leaves with needles, like cacti, have a negative flow Sha.

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Кімнатні рослини, які приносять щастя і благополуччя

According to the teachings of the Chinese sages, the bearers of positive energy are:

  • the Alpine violet (cyclamen);
  • cranesbill (geranium);
  • flowering begonias;
  • ficus;
  • the tree orange, and lemon;
  • Amaryllis;
  • the jade tree or money tree;
  • Camellia;
  • chrysanthemum room;
  • Maranta (prayer grass);
  • hibiscus.

The heavy energy of the bear:

  • Yucca;
  • pike tail (sansevieriya);
  • cacti;
  • aechmea;
  • neoregeliyu.

Ornamental foliage plants

Кімнатні рослини, які приносять щастя і благополуччя

They are unusual and beautiful in their own way. They can be put in space and successfully combine with other colors, eliminating the harmful energy.

Many people love bonsai, but not everyone knows that artificially suspended the development of the tree, will make the energy flow of the room slowing. This will inhibit your development, and will stop the money flow.

Кімнатні рослини, які приносять щастя і благополуччя

When buying flowers you need to pay attention to the size, shape of leaves, color. With drooping leaves of a plant it is better not to buy, they are grounding the energy flows.

It is better when the plant is pulled up. The leaves should be rounded, have no sharp ends.

Let us consider in more detail the various names of flowers with pictures, which bring home happiness and prosperity.

Кімнатні рослини, які приносять щастя і благополуччя


Relates to the energy Yin. With the help of flower in the house to attract money, improve health. White flowers give calm and measured. Red and pink shades of flowers are good clean energy, increase vitality. Plant with blue flowers contributes to the creative development and awakens them.

Purple create the energy of wisdom and help in relationships. The pots can be put in the room where you rest and sleep.

Кімнатні рослини, які приносять щастя і благополуччя


The smell of the flower soothes, relieves tension, helps in achieving goals leads to success. Has Yin energy. Repels harmful insects: the plant smell deters them. It is not advisable to put the geranium in the room where you spend a lot of time.

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If your home often come as strangers, begonia will help to get rid of negative energy, clear the room and fill it with positive flows.

Кімнатні рослини, які приносять щастя і благополуччя


The plant brings home the happiness and well-being, and develops creativity, helps to find inspiration. Brings the wearer courage and love for life.


Wood neutralizes and hinders the energy of aggression, brings peace. But in the sector of marriage may undermine family relationships. In the right sector of the house removes lethargy, helps to find a reason to live, banishes drowsiness and laziness, stimulates vitality.

Кімнатні рослини, які приносять щастя і благополуччя


Capable of supplying protection from the envious and neutralize the evil eye. But if the plant is not comfortable, then she is in a geopathogenic zone or in a room with an energy vampire.


If space allows, the plants placed in the kitchen near a microwave or near your computer Desk. It will absorb negative energy, will help to mitigate the dispute, will teach to understand the interlocutor.

Кімнатні рослини, які приносять щастя і благополуччя

Date palm

Many grow it from seeds. The plant has good energy – it brings home the happiness and well-being. It helps to concentrate, not to focus on the little things, to achieve goals. In addition, happiness and fills you with optimism.


Grow well in zones with negative energy that feeds them (for example, TV). But to put in the patient’s room is not: it will worsen his condition.

Кімнатні рослини, які приносять щастя і благополуччя


Strengthen business and partner relations. With this purpose often are planted in the premises and offices.


Though considered favorable plants, but with the right location benefit: near the operating equipment capable of absorbing the electromagnetic flows and turn them into positive energy. On the windowsills to protect from thieves.

Useful in a house inhabited by hot-tempered people: calm anger and reduce aggression.

Кімнатні рослини, які приносять щастя і благополуччя


Perfectly clean large room of toxins, oxygenates.


Not only treats, at night produces a lot of oxygen.

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Strengthens the immune system, excellent source of oxygen.

Кімнатні рослини, які приносять щастя і благополуччя


An amazing plant that is known since ancient times, brings home the happiness and well-being. Flowering plant makes a home well-being and strengthen family life and help improve marriage relationships, bring love and happiness.

Poinsettia and Maranta

Will help to define and find their purpose, meaning of life, discover a new quality, to choose the profession.

Кімнатні рослини, які приносять щастя і благополуччя

Money tree

Symbolizes prosperity and abundance. Followers of Feng Shui suggest to put the plant itself, after resting on the bottom of the pot coins. Parole tree is often decorated with a red sash, hung on the branches of a coin. It should grow near a window in the South-East.


He feeds on bad energy. It is believed that such energy transformirovalsya through free cavity and is changed to positive.

Looking at the photo of potted bamboo, not every it can be like, however, the atmosphere in the house plant will improve and bring happiness to the house.

Кімнатні рослини, які приносять щастя і благополуччя


A positive effect for children: stimulate the desire for knowledge, develop curiosity, promote independence. Grow well in children’s rooms.

Plants with discou power (male) are: dracaena, all citrus fruits, asparagus, Chlorophytum, sansevieriya. Basically they have a sharp elongated leaves grow up and speed up energy flows at home.

Plants with anisou energy (women’s) carry flowers with rounded leaves that are often the trail. This is jade, begonia, violets.

Кімнатні рослини, які приносять щастя і благополуччя

That the flows were balanced, should be flowers with different energy.

Dry and wilted plants in Feng Shui is not able to bring home happiness and prosperity: they absorb life force. Anisic plants best feeling in the offices and living rooms where a lot of masculine energy: in the South, South-East and South-West. NISC trees and flowers placed in kitchens and in children’s rooms. In the bedrooms the pots tsveti come away from the bed.

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