House plants: what flowers are best fit to each of the rooms

Let’s find out which plants give preference to and which room to allocate for them.

Домашні рослини: які вазони краще підійдуть до кожної з кімнат

House plants useful for the home, they purify the air, kill bacteria and even protect against electromagnetic radiation. It is not surprising that almost every home you can meet at least one green helper. But not everyone knows that each plant should have its own dwelling place where it will benefit. Let’s find out what plants prefer and what room for them to allocate, informs Rus.Media.


In fact, in the hallway rarely see plants. There is almost no natural light, besides the often observed dirt and dust. With these problems and helps to understand green friends. For the corridor is to choose low maintenance flowers that love the shade or feel normal in such conditions: Chlorophytum, begonia, dracaena, fern, Gardenia, ivy, Spathiphyllum.


The favorable microclimate allows a bedroom to make here almost all types of plants. And yet we should not forget that the room is designed primarily for recreation, so it is better to abandon a huge number of pots. Also not recommended to put here the plants of specific or Intrusive scents.

In order for your sleep to be healthy, and the rest to be as useful as possible, please note aloe, Phalaenopsis, sanseru, cactus and Laurel. They produce oxygen, clean the air and absorb hazardous substances.


The plant located in the baby’s room must be safe: no needles, poison, haunting smell. Best in children’s accustomed lemon tree, cyclamen, Kalanchoe, violet, and hibiscus.

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Living room

And here lovers of flora will be where to turn! Good lighting and heat provide an opportunity to place in the living room a large number of house plants – such as ficus, dracaena and geranium.


Many Housewives love to decorate the kitchen with beautiful flowers and plants. This solution greatly refreshes the interior. However, sudden changes in temperature, steam and excessive humidity all the pots stand existence in such a climate. So as not to risk favorite plant and make the kitchen more comfortable, settled here vases, stable, do not require special care: aglaonema, bokarneyu, stephanotis.


It turns out that there is a cozy place for a species that love moisture, darkness and warmth. Most often it is exotic plants. If you want to create the bathroom a special atmosphere, to put it in there swamp palm, peperomiyu or Orchid.

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