House divided in two: laugh for warmth

maison-coupee-deux-ouverte-jeudisThursday night was more autumnal qu’estivales paces, but that has not stopped dozens of spectators gathered in front of the house split in two in Saint-Fulgence, laugh and shudder listening to tales and legends of the Saguenay-Lac -Saint Jean.

“Welcome to the first autumn scene of Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean!”, Has joked author and director Jimmy Doucet, before outdoor play performed by a dozen actors amateurs and professionals. Scarves and blankets were put to the people sitting in the stands, where a roof was fitted in case of rain. This was fortunately not the case for the premiere of the third season of summer theater, which presented a different room from previous years.

For a little over an hour, viewers have become neighbors of the family of fishermen and Fernand Martin, hosting a French writer lacking inspiration in their three-storey camp. Bernard, who made the crowd laugh with her “it gives me the creeps,” “guys” and other typical expressions, will tell stories of werewolves, of monster lurking at the bottom of Lake Saint-Jean and pirates.

The public also rediscovered regional legends, like the ghost of pouceuse Laurentian Park, the wild dance of the ball Musette or the miracle of the statue Notre-Dame-du-Saguenay, which have been somewhat distorted. The author also invites visitors to go read the “true stories behind the skits.”

Laughter often echoed in solid stands, sometimes just to see the outfit comedians. The sound effects and accessories manage to surprise despite their simplicity. Although children under eight years old can attend the play for free, it might be best to avoid bringing babies if you do not want to frighten them, heard crying in support. The play remains a family outing, especially that of children and even a grandmother take the stage.

The decor of the house split in two has also been spruced up and the actors use the space brilliantly, completely forgetting the fourth wall as they say in the theater. We do not expect less when we slice a house to show its interior.

The show is from the Route 1001 stories presented earlier in Dolbeau-Mistassini, but about 60% of the content was changed. It is part of the Road legend, a group of summer productions in the same city, as well as La Dore and Saint-Eugene-d’Argentenay.

Every Thursday and Friday until August 19, it is possible to entertain the 251 Saguenay Street in Saint-Fulgence through $ 15, but it is best to book first at The Fjord Turret Inn at 418 815-3619 or Internet (www.inscriptionenligne.ca/maisoncoupeeen2).

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