Hotel employees Chairman locked out

1226235(Sherbrooke) The management of the hotel Le President Sherbrooke has employees locked out Monday morning.

At 10 am, the union were asked by security guards to leave the facility on the spot, according to a press release of the Teamsters.

That qualified announcement of “brutal and disrespectful” follows the restaurant closed and negotiations “very difficult between the parties,” added syndicat.Des meetings before the conciliator were also not allowed to break the deadlock .

“Needless to say that our members are angry and very disappointed,” fumed Michel Richard, union representative of Local 1791 of the Teamsters.

“The negotiations were stalled for a few weeks since we expect the employer’s response to our proposal against-but he never deigned to contact us. ”

The employer’s latest offer proposed 1 to 1.5% per year salary increase for a contract period of six years. The Teamsters simply demanded parity with other workers in the region, says one.

“When workers earn between 12 and $ 14 an hour, I think it is legitimate for them to want a better life, says the union. Besides salary-breaking appetites, they have no pension and are entitled to very few leave. ”

So we’re talking about working conditions that have no purpose in 2016.

Picket lines will be erected outside the building tomorrow. The Teamsters Union invites vacationers to avoid the Hotel President until the dispute is resolved. The Teamsters Union request vacationers to avoid the Hotel President until the labor dispute is resolved.

“It is not our practice to launch a boycott campaign says Michel Richard. But the hateful attitude of the employer does not give us a choice. ”

“Anyway, the hotel management does not have the human resources required to ensure the comfort of visitors without using scabs, then customers would be wiser to go to sleep elsewhere until the lockout is lifted . ”

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