Hot tea is dangerous, but these three reasons

Горячий чай пить опасно: названо три причины

Harmless drink could harm your health if you drink it hot

In the cold season, many Ukrainians warm themselves with hot tea, but not everyone knows that this drink can be dangerous to your health. Doctors recommend to drink the tea warm.

Hot tea leads to bleeding

The habit of making yourself a Cup of tea without waiting for it cool just to drink, can cause burns to the nasopharynx. So you will make your blood vessels thin, which sooner or later will result in bleeding. Add to this that the hot steam from the Cup does not contribute to the narrowing of blood vessels, i.e., blood from the nose is a frequent phenomenon among fans of fresh tea.

Горячий чай пить опасно: названо три причины

To avoid this scourge you must wait until the temperature of the drink reaches 60 degrees. This temperature is considered optimal for drinking. By the way, to wait for, it will take no more than 7 minutes after the infusion.

Hot tea leads to destruction of bones and teeth

Too strong and hot tea makes it contained fluoride to be absorbed very quickly. But in large amounts it is very harmful to the integrity of the hard tissues of the human body.

Despite the assurances of advertising, fluoride destroys the teeth and bone in its uncontrolled use. The tea can not drink more than 5 cups a day to keep osteoporosis due to excess fluoride.

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Tea damages the liver

Or rather, her croitoreasa functions. But not all teas and herbs, particularly camomile and mother-and-stepmother. And all because of pyrrolizidine alkaloids, plant toxins that are produced during flowering. In principle, their dose of tea is small, but if you abuse herbal teas, then the throttle and dose.

It is especially important to reduce the number of herbal tea in the diet of pregnant and nursing mothers, as the alkaloids penetrate into breast milk and circulatory system-cherished baby.

Горячий чай пить опасно: названо три причины

Recall a favorite childhood drink was life-threatening: “There are victims”

As reported Politeka, scientists have proved that a drink cause mental disorders

Also Politeka wrote that it became known as the drink to disperse the fat and fighting cancer.