Hot star “Quarter 95” surprised naked pics: very brave

Горячая звезда "Квартал 95" поразила голым фото: очень смело

Actress “Quarter 95” just stunned new vacation photos

Artist Studio “Kvartal 95” well — known “Women’s quarter” Valeria Tovstoles struck fans candid photos. Valeria Tovstoles posted in one of the photos in the bright swimsuit with a glass of champagne than just “threw” their fans into raptures.

In the photo the actress is posing in a striped bathing suit, she in dark glasses:

“Raise a glass to Monday”, — has signed the star of your photo.

Fans are writing in connection with a new photo of the actress are different:

“Uruha, it is not Kiev!”




“Photo of the American style of the 80’s)”

Горячая звезда "Квартал 95" поразила голым фото: очень смело Горячая звезда "Квартал 95" поразила голым фото: очень смело


The other photo artist “Women’s quarter” and all relaxed:

“There are no words after the concert, I want to exhale and then to think about it ) but was really good and warm. In this weather, you were with us.
I lived for 10 years yesterday in one concert,” signed their photos in a swimsuit Lera Tovstoles.

Obviously, pictures were taken during the stay of the team “Women’s quarter” in Turkey.

Fans are simply fascinated by the sincerity and beauty of the artist:


“Pretty woman”

“Very brave,”


“No words”

Recall, Kravets 95 quarter found a replacement.

As reported Politeka, the star of “Kvartal 95” show a sexy shape in a swimsuit: “Nymph”

Also Politeka wrote that Kravets of “Quarter-95” was struck by the verses about the sore.