Horror Friday the 13th: a lot of dead bodies pulled from the water, the details of the mysterious tragedy

Ужас на пятницу 13-е: много трупов достали из воды, детали таинственной трагедии

Religious holiday turned into a tragedy for local residents

It is reported that a terrible emergency happened today, September 13.

In particular, the people of India overwhelmed by the horror that happened on Friday the 13th.

Ужас на пятницу 13-е: много трупов достали из воды, детали таинственной трагедии

In the state of Madhya Pradesh to the Indians on the boats floated in the lake to make a standard for the festival of Ganesha-Chaturthi (“Festival of Ganesha”) ritual. They wanted to lower the water to a clay statue of the God with the elephant head

At some point one of the boats capsized. People tried to climb out of the water on the other, but it also capsized.

On the scene immediately came to the fore rescuers who managed to save only six people. From the water they brought 11 bodies of the victims. According to local media, victims of an unsuccessful religious rite was from 15 to 30 years.

There is also information that all the boats were 19 people. At the scene continue the search. Due to a terrible emergency in relation to driving a boat of men prosecuted for causing death by negligence.

Ужас на пятницу 13-е: много трупов достали из воды, детали таинственной трагедии

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Previously, we reported that the disaster has fallen on the occupied Crimea. In particular, due to the powerful storm on the Peninsula killed several people, and information about the tragedy quickly confirmed the occupation of the Ministry.

“In the village of Otradnoye, near the beach “Crab” the help of rescuers took 3 citizens who were at sea during a storm. Employees of the State Inspectorate for small vessels in cooperation with lifeguards beach filed a lifeline and the end of “Aleksandrov”. Ashore was evacuated 3 people, 2 people received injuries incompatible with life”, — stated in the message

A similar situation occurred in the area of the castle “swallow’s nest”. Two men drowned, their bodies can’t reach the rescuers.

“Another man was killed near Massandra while riding on the boat, it also can’t extract the water”, — underlined in the message

Recall that the element with new force fell on Odesa region: tornado captured on camera.

As reported Politeka, there was footage of the terrible fire in California, where dozens of people were killed: “it’s a trap”.

Also Politeka wrote that powerful element removes the city from the face of the earth: more than 60 dead.