Horoscope for 09 Oct 2018 for all Zodiac signs

Horoscope for 09 Oct 2018.

Гороскоп на 09 жовтня 2018 для всіх знаків Зодіаку


Today the stars suggest Aries listen to the opinions of others and not to withdraw from dialogue if affected by common interests or feelings. At the same time, we should not expect any final decisions to hurry with the answer, or the rupture of the Union. Relationships can “hang”. It is possible that your interlocutor will take time to think, do not tell the whole truth or to send instead of itself the Parliament, informs Rus.Media.


Taurus now is better to adjust to the right people or to fate. Welcome diplomacy and unobtrusive, in some situations it is appropriate to go into the shadows. It is important to consider their capabilities and well-being, as well as the “uncertainty” of the situation. What feels right may soon be in doubt. It is recommended to abandon the showdown, sign contract, build common plans.


Twins who wish to speak, the stars advise you to hurry, as the opportunity to be heard and understood correctly decreases with each passing hour. This day allows you to finally say something important and beautiful to leave. In matters of the heart and in the creative sector should not categorically close the door behind you: the story is not yet complete, and you will soon be able to reap additional benefits.


Cancers, it is useful to heed the words of family members and other people from the close circle, but to follow the advice and justify someone else’s expectations is not necessary. Important contacts it is better to postpone until the next day, and today to consider the arguments and consider the options. Do not rush with love letters and personal acquaintances, insist on talking with children, to enter into a partnership or contract for housing.

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Today the Lions may seem that opportunities slip away, and nice people forever, leave out of sight. The stars suggest that it is not, and what an interesting object after a certain time may reverse. It is not recommended to make long-term plans including, love and home. It is important to stop the correspondence, to leave the event to complete the trip or meeting.


Today, Virgo is at a crossroads and can’t make tough decisions. Perhaps this will not be your fault, as will become someone else’s whim or outside circumstances. On this day, it is better to refrain from correspondence, new initiatives, active contacts. It will not hurt to take a break in the intricate relationships, in financial matters. To emotions not taken a false course, it is important to shift attention to a neutral object.


In this day Scales it is important to monitor the health, mental and emotional background, avoiding “stuck” in the negativity and bad habits. The situation may seem complicated, but there is no reason to lose hope. If you make a mistake, there is time to play the story back and change many things. In the coming weeks, it is not necessary to build a clear financial plan, but it is useful to provide for the amendment of health.


Scorpios should take today “vow of silence” to recognize incoming information. Better not to hurry with letters and statements to start negotiations, not to begin new communication cycle. Also, today it is undesirable to go in a long way, to shop, to change the habitual way of life, diet, cosmetic procedure treatments. Emotionally, it is dangerous to “cheat” themselves.

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Today life is back to seducing Sagittarius big plans. Perhaps you discuss them together with your friends or partner. To dream about the future you can push the latest news. The stars advise to be limited to short-term plans, because soon you will have more opportunities. Especially dangerous inertia to follow feelings, to rely on the old sympathies, habits, and values.


Today Capricorns should not be changed before the selected tactics. But this should be used if your position did not give the desired fruits: in this case, it’s not too late to change course. Your friends, partners and employers can take an ambivalent position. One can hardly expect too much from interviews, invitations, meetings. It is undesirable to execute the contract, approve a plan to begin or to end cooperation.


Today Aquarius you should not place obstacles of sociability and curiosity. During the day you can obtain more information or feedback, reflect on and discuss current events. But the transition from words to action in this day will not be the winning solution. The stars advise you to collect information and maintain friendship, but it is not recommended to immediately put this capital.


On this day, the stars do not recommend Fish something to do. You would be better of to stay attentive listener and not to ignore what may one day come in handy. Should not be included in the collective proceedings and to participate in solving other people’s problems. Not the best time for introductions, entry into a partnership Union, or in some community. It is not recommended to start training and get on the road.

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