Hope of recovery

jean-simard-directeur-general-cldPending a recovery in recent years, the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean can still nourish the hope of removing the impact of another mining boom.

Although many projects are on ice, signs of a revival of the mining economy link says Réal Daigneault, Director of the Center studies of mineral resources UQAC and coordinator CONSOREM, the research consortium in mineral exploration.

“The warning signs for the mining economy, they are at the level of exploration. This is when you feel that there is a resurgence of exploration activity and especially a return of funding. And it seems that it comes back, and that’s usually a return to the more economically successful signal. Felt in Quebec, Canada and in the world. The mining economy is global. When it falls, it falls all over and the same thing when it resumes, “expressed Mr. Daigneault, invited by the Press Club to discuss the 2nd edition of Looking to the north, an event to be held in Saint-Prime 8 and 9 June and which he is the honorary president.

The possible return to a prosperous mining economy also pushes companies and organizations prepare, also notes the researcher UQAC, which records this year more participants in the 14th edition of the Technology Forum CONSOREM-DIVEX be held Val-d’Or at the end of May.

“Normally we have 125 participants, but this year we already have 175 pre-registrations. It is believed easily exceed 200 people. Companies are hiring more resources. And that, generally, it reflects the economy. When things go wrong, there are fewer participants, “added Mr. Daigneault.

But the mining economy of management remains a challenge. Projects can be abandoned as quickly as they were announced, warns expert

“It was five years ago, we heard about the proposed expansion of Niobec, Black Rock, Ariane Phosphate. It seemed that overnight, the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean became a mining area. And suddenly, it has fallen. Today we have a hard time info. But that can leave as fast. It is a question of investors because they are the ones who ultimately decide to put the bills in this sector. When you decide to come back, everybody comes back, “dropped the honorary president of Look to the north, saying Ariane Phosphate has several advantages for the project materializes.

“It will never be a mining region like Abitibi. However, the region has some interesting cards. She must play for positioning. ”

It’s happening in Saint-Prime, 8 and 9 June
Nearly 300 people are expected at the 4th edition of the Regional Mining Forum and the 2nd edition of Looking to the north, two events will be held simultaneously in Saint-Prime, on 8 and 9 June

The events are intended to foster links between companies in the region and those related to the development of Nord-du-Québec. Three weeks of these meetings, more than thirty companies have confirmed their attendance. Speakers will be on hand to discuss the development of the north, including the mayor of Kuujjuaq, Tunu Napartuk. He will present his vision on coexistence between entrepreneurs of his community and those outside.

“It’s important to build relationships with people, businesses, to identify their potential needs and have updated their expectations. We must be prepared to take action when the time comes, “insisted the mayor of Saint-Prime, Lucien Boily, also invited to the Saguenay Press Club.

The double event will open on June 8 with the Regional Mining Forum to be held at the Golf Club Saint-Prime-sur-le-lac. Experts will review mining projects in the region or north of it. The next day, business people can continue to bond during a golf tournament, combined with lectures.

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