Homeopathy and cancer treatment: the expert was struck by the statement

Гомеопатия и лечение онкологии: эксперт поразил заявлением

The doctor spoke the influence of homeopathy on the human body with cancer and cures cancer if she

A form of alternative medicine – homeopathy is highly controversial and most discussed, however, is popular in the world.

One of the leading homeopaths of Ukraine Victor Marchuk in the Studio Clutch bag online told me about this “science” about how well her treatment and is it dangerous to humans.

Гомеопатия и лечение онкологии: эксперт поразил заявлением

It is believed that homeopathy cures almost all illnesses, even including cancer.

Whether so it actually and would risk a homeopath to give your child a homeopathic remedies, if he was seriously ill. This was in a video interview told Marchuk.

In particular, he believes that homeopathy is one of the methods of treatment of complications after chemotherapy and radiotherapy. According to Marchuka, homeopathic remedies can even improve the immune system of a person diagnosed with cancer.

“Proven at the level of the tests and tumor markers that the life expectancy of someone with cancer, receiving gomeopatichesky funds increases, his body disappearing metastases,” bravely said Victor Marchuk.

He also admitted that his child with homeopathy cured. “Definitely, Yes. I am sure that this is the only way to minimize damage to immunity,” said Barchuk.

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Гомеопатия и лечение онкологии: эксперт поразил заявлением

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