Home birth: the scientists told about the consequences

Домашние роды: ученые рассказали о последствиях

Today, many moms are thinking how to spend births: to trust the professionals and go to the hospital or to remain in the comfort of your own home

Israeli scientists studied data on women who gave birth in one of the cities in the country from 1991 to 2014, found that perinatal mortality is three times higher if the birth occurs outside of hospital conditions.

Despite the fact that in the last few years make childbirth as comfortable and safe for baby and mother (e.g., plan childbirth via a caesarean section on a particular day at the end of the term), to predict the beginning and duration with absolute certainty is still impossible.

Домашние роды: ученые рассказали о последствиях

Because of this, labor can begin and end outside of a hospital environment in potentially dangerous for baby and mother environment.

In this work, which was numerically shown the danger of such delivery, quite a bit.
Scientists under the leadership of Jill Gutwirth (Gil Gutvirtz) Medical center “Soroka” University named after Ben-Gurion decided to study how an unplanned birth outside hospital conditions associated with perinatal mortality (death include the death of the fetus before birth in the later stages of pregnancy, as well as the death of a child during childbirth or in the first few days after birth).

The researchers studied data on 243682 of births that occurred in 1991 and 2014: should clarify that scientists have only considered the cases of the birth of one child, in order to eliminate the possible influence of the number of children on the outcome of the data analysis.

Researchers have estimated that of all the mothers 1.5 per cent had a child outside the hospital: a quarter of them did not receive proper care during pregnancy (compared with 8.7 percent of women who gave birth in the hospital). Out of all the possible side variables including the mother’s health, her age, Smoking and everything, per 1,000 births outside the hospital accounted for 15 deaths, while per 1000 births in the hospital five.

The authors concluded that unplanned births out of hospital environment — independent factor that increases perinatal mortality. The researchers insist that the process of giving birth should be held in special conditions and under the supervision of a specialist in order to prevent life-threatening consequences for the child and for mother.

Recall, the medication for for women can result in the loss of a child.

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