“Hockey is my life”

meme-pas-encore-fixe-quant(Charlottetown) It has not yet formally signed the new deal two years with an option year proposed by Martin Mondou, but Claude Bouchard behaves as if he was back in the Cataractes bar next season .

Tuesday noon, he jumped on the bus who led the small army shawiniganaise in Charlottetown, where the circus QMJHL settled until Saturday, the day of the entry draft Midget players. Bouchard is always said in reflection, but it seems very advanced, if not about to finish!

“My status has not changed much since the post-mortem of the team. I still await the response from the school board to see if it is possible to get another leave of absence. There is one aspect of security out weigh in there, “argues the pilot colored.

“I talked to many people for two weeks. People from my family, friends, people outside of hockey. They all agree that hockey is my passion. A friend even told me that it was even harder, hockey is my life.

It is true that I see myself directing next season. Just a few years I had said no to the Acadie-Bathurst Titan for many reasons, but I then spent four worst months of my life! I do not really see myself again this August. We’ll see where this process will lead. ”

Martin Mondou Bouchard seems to believe that look one way or another to settle in Mauricie. The managing director of the Cataracts would not have asked this week if any clues pointing in that direction. He made no move so far to prepare a plan B, if ever Bouchard returned to the world of education.

“Nothing is finalized, and therefore the situation could change, but there is a mutual desire to work together. In this light, I found it important that Claude can experience the repechage with us. ”

If Bouchard return is not yet set in stone, that of Steve Larouche is confirmed. One who is assistant since 2012 was on the bus, having heard verbally Mondou on the terms of a new deal for three years.

“I am very happy to return. Our power play was excellent last year and has contributed directly. This is a guy who is loved by our players, that respect too. Steve has been here a long time, his return brings stability to the organization. This is a great news, “noted Bouchard.

Another assistant should be hired in the coming weeks to take over Mario Richer, who returned to Europe. Guys like Martin Laperrière (Remparts) and Jean-François Grégoire (Voltigeurs) could certainly interest the Cataractes, at least if we go to the profile.

“Ideally, we would like to find a guy with experience. There are few available, and there are still a few clubs where there are openings, so it complicates things, “says Bouchard.

“We could find the gem this week or next week. But prior to hiring another assistant, we have a record to resolve internally, “says Mondou.

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