Hivon wants to turn reform the physician payment

veronique-hivon-souhaite-introduire-remuneration(Quebec) A second candidate for the leadership of the Parti Quebecois calls for a major reform of physician compensation. After Jean-François Lisée, it is the turn of Véronique Hivon proposing the end of the FFS.

Joliette MP wants to introduce the mixed physician compensation, in addition to freeze their salaries. These measures were also proposed by Mr. Lisee but considers its different approach from that of his opponent, which it wants to especially save public funds.

“I make this proposal in order to improve the health of people, says Ms. Hivon interview. I’m not in a perspective of costs, I am first a view of prevention and improved health. ”

Currently, doctors are very largely FFS. If she becomes prime minister, Ms. Hivon has spread a form of payment per patient, according to which family doctors would be paid depending not only on the number of patients in their care, but also the amount of care that their condition requires.

Some doctors continue to be fee-says Ms. Hivon, including those working in emergency and medical specialists.

Multiply acts

For Ms. Hivon, the current model encourages physicians to multiply acts rather than take care of patients and follow them proactively.

“This is the system of remuneration of doctors who must follow the needs of the people, not the people who must follow the requirements of the pay system,” says the candidate.

Ms. Hivon would also give the state the power to modify the salary of the various specialists to develop specialties that are more in line with the needs of the population. It is currently the Federation of Medical Specialists that distributes wage envelopes, she said. MP cites as an example geriatricians, whose salaries are much lower than those of some other specialists, although the aging population makes their nerve work.

Mr. Lisee proposed it two weeks ago to freeze the remuneration of doctors from five to ten years. Ms. Hivon expressed support for this idea, saying their “excessive” wages in a context of budget cuts.

The candidate also proposes, as Mr. Lisee, to prohibit the incorporation of doctors.

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