Hippies, Volkswagen turned in the car from Back to the future

American car center Velocity Motorcars, specialization is in the sale of luxury used vehicles, to put up for sale the famous Volkswagen Kombi hippies, turned into the car from the movie Back to the future. The car has been painted in the spirit of the original DeLorean DMC-12 and flux capacitor.

In the list of equipment of the Volkswagen van is to provide a door-type: “Seagull” and the phrase control mechanism of the time machine, a keyboard and three displays. The rear half of the vehicle is turned into the sitting area, which added a bed, a TV and a multimedia system.

At the moment, Hippias Volkswagen Kombi for sale in Nashville (tn) for 89 $ 995. In 2016, the firm of the Texas Delorean Motor Company announced the start of small-scale production of the legendary car DMC-12, however, the Assembly of cars will be made from the components remaining after the bankruptcy of the automaker.

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