Hip-hop honored at Global Crop

samian-sera-present-mondial-culturesRegulars World cultures might have to get out of their comfort zone on Friday night, while we present the hip-hop shows Brown and Samian.

No, security has been enhanced for the occasion and we do not expect there to be trouble. In fact, the musical style that has long received a bad press tends to gain nobility and has a greater number of followers.

“These days, singers like Samian and Koriass redorent the hip-hop image with their smart rap. They are the source of many texts that reflect their culture, “means the Communications Coordinator of the event Drummondville, Roxanne Champagne.

Brown and Samian not climb on stage together and will not offer new show, but the mere fact bring together within a single theme night should be enough, hope do we, to create an element of originality.

“People who know them will be happy to attend both shows in one place. The others may be surprised, but it is believed they will spend still a beautiful moment, “added the spokesman.

A native of Amos in Abitibi, Samian grew up in the Algonquin community of Pikogan. His lyrics evoke the worrying situation of Native American youth and put forward the need to reconcile First Nations and the Quebec people.

Brown is a trio from Jamaica consists of two hip-hop artists and their father. They offer a spectacle both engaged and cultural reflecting their experiences in Montego Bay and Montreal for their new reality.

Bee to close the festivities

Members of Generation Y who looked programming World cultures have certainly experienced a bit of nostalgia seeing the name of Abeille Gélinas, the younger sister of Mistou that was used all the sauces during his visit to Musique Plus between 1996 and 1998.

In the shadow of his illustrious sis, she rolled his hump in Quebec and the United States, getting several small roles. Today it specializes in animation in trendy clubs of the metropolis. It will be a rare opportunity to see her at work in region, at a public event.

“It will not only put music, he was given the mandate to lead the last party of the festival. It is expected that the festival and folk ensembles are having a field day last time. This is often an appointment emotional, “admits Ms. Champagne.

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