Hero Corp – Simon Astier: “It was Lost in La Mancha this season 5!”

Meet the creator, screenwriter and actor of the France 4 cult series before the launch of his ultimate season

Almost 3 years after season 4, the 5 th and final season of Hero Corp finally arrives on screens. We were able to talk with its creator, screenwriter and main performer Simon Astier before his presentation at a special evening organized by the Séries Mania festival.

After working practically 10 years on Hero Corp , you feel how before the release of the ultimate season and its presentation to the public at Série Mania?
I feel good, really! Hero Corp is practically 1/3 of my life. It’s been 10 years that I have dealt with issues that touched me when I was 20 years old, and now I’m anxious to deal with other things … I’m developing another series, a film, Projects and then I will play in a movie this summer.

This would not be your brother’s film for example (Kaamelott of Alexandre Astier) ?
No, no, that’s the best kept secret of the Place de Paris. I do not know when it turns and even if I’m in it! But to get back to Hero Corp , I’m not going to hide from you that the last days of shooting, we cried a lot on the set, so some of the mourning is already done, but honestly, this season was very complicated …

Why ?
Frankly, it was Lost In La Mancha (named after the documentary on Terry Gilliam’s failed film project on Don Quixote) . We lived it all! I almost died, when we resumed 6 months later, actors were hurt. A box of post prod with which one worked was liquidated … So to arrive at the end of this season 5 is a victory! Now, I look forward to being in the room and hearing the reaction of people.

But Hero Corp is really finished …
The series is over, yes, but rest assured, the comics will continue. They tell what I really like in the legend of superheroes: the past, how they became what they are … Of course I will write the scripts. But it takes me relatively little time.

Without revealing too much, you have concocted an end to the Lost or rather to the Breaking Bad ?
All I can say is that the series ends on an end I assume, a chosen end. And it’s a luxury on TV today. We had a lot of freedom. Even more so than usual, since it was the last season, we were not subject to pressure from the hearings. It is like a baroud of honor: we won the medal and we go around the stadium with our arms raised! Good even though, personally, I like the end of Lost , for Hero Corp it’s not the same. It is a looped end. Like a big book that is closed. Promised, there is no end cliffhanger! It would have been too horrible for the fans. To give you a hint: I, I liked the end of Friends , for example. Because it is done in such a way that we say to ourselves: they will live their lives, now. That’s kind of what I wanted to do with Hero Corp .

What is the narrative arc of this season?
We focus much more on John / Shield Man ( Simon Astier ) and his close entourage, which was little the case before. We go back to the sources and we will live with them a total upheaval of the universe. If there was an emblematic scenery per season so far, in season 5 all this principle explodes. Another story is told. Besides we explode so much that the first 6 episodes will be in 26 minutes and episodes 7 and 8, the two of them, make an hour and a half.

Will there be a special trick for the fans? Guests?
You know, the best way to thank the fans is to surprise them. It is to put them in full view and frankly, that is what we tried to do. We hope that they will be picked by what they are going to see. As for the guests, I got a little free of all that. Since we were not under pressure from the audience …

Because the guests was only for the audience?
No, no … But to be frank, when you do TV fiction, you are always asked to take one or two guests. Because it guarantees that some press will be interested in you. Me, I have mostly brought my idol of youth (Courtemanche) and friends!

One last word ?
I would just like to keep in mind that Hero Corp could not exist without people like Nicolas Garnier or Morgan Dalibert who breathed their sound and visual style into the series.

Hero Corp is presented in preview on Thursday at 8:30 pm in the presence of the team at the UGC ciné cité des Halles and Friday at UGC Ciné cité de Rosny.

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