Here is what you need! Ukrainians are not allowed to pay for bad communal. What you need to know?

Вот это то, что надо! Украинцам разрешили не платить за плохую коммуналку. Что нужно знать?

Ukrainians will be able not to pay for communal, but under certain conditions

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It is noted that from may 1, 2019 entered into force the law on housing and communal services. Under the new rules, the Ukrainians can not pay for communal in that case, if the supplier has provided its clients with substandard services.

Вот это то, что надо! Украинцам разрешили не платить за плохую коммуналку. Что нужно знать?

In particular, the government has developed a complaint form to the quality of public services. And since may 1 to identify a violation should fill out a document and wait for the Commission.

“This will involve quality checks of services on supply of heat energy, hot water, centralized water supply and sanitation, urban waste, the management of the apartment house,” — said the press service of the Ministry of regional development.

If you find that the quality of public services does not meet a predetermined standard, to pay for it. For example, how to pay for the hot water to the Ukrainians: 75-50 degrees – full fare; 49-45 degrees – 90% of full rate; 44-40 degrees – 70% of the full rate; >40 degrees – according to the tariff for cold water.

In NKREKU noticed that the hot water can be turned off not more than 6 hours per day, the period of “no water” should be no more than 30% of the month. If this standard is violated for each day the amount of the payment shall be reduced by 3.3% respectively. It should be noted that the latter rule also applies to cold water.

Вот это то, что надо! Украинцам разрешили не платить за плохую коммуналку. Что нужно знать?

Recall, recipients monetizirovat subsidies that are not paid for utilities, will continue to receive “live” money on hand. This was ordered by the Cabinet at its meeting on 17 April, however, the relevant regulations not yet on the website of the Government portal.

At the request of the recipient of a subsidy if it has no debt, may be applied to the cash form of payment: the “real” money in a Bank account, but if the beneficiaries will have debts, it would be translated into non-cash form of payment. Funds to the account of beneficiary not available, and paid to the account of the Ministry of social policy to the Bank and, consequently, the performers of public services in their “bids” — a register of charges. That is, the beneficiaries of “live” money did not see.

It is noted that the project envisages the possibility to choose the form of payment of benefits immediately upon appointment.

Recall that the second stage of monetization of subsidies in may and what will change for Ukrainians

We also wrote that it is known who receives more than 40 thousand hryvnia per month pension.

Even Politeka reported that the Ukrainians told what to do with the subsidy.