Here are 10 things that men value in a relationship

What things make men with a half-turn?

Ось 10 речей, які чоловіки цінують у відносинах

Men love not only eyes, but mostly soul. They will wear you if you will satisfy their needs in a relationship, take them and will respect. Here are 10 things that men value in relationships:


No matter how you were strong and independent, men have an innate desire to protect you. Usually this manifests itself in everyday things. He throws you a jacket on a rainy day, wakes up in the night to check what the noise behind the door, etc. When it is in protection mode, he feels like a superhero, informs Rus.Media.


Men want a woman knew how to have a good time. They need a friend and lover. Take part in what he likes – it will help to converge even more. Go fishing with him, ride bikes, set up the tent in the nature. Men don’t care about your messy hair, as they will be absorbed by the connection between you.


Praise him, never criticize him in front of others, make compliments, believe in him, show him that you are proud of them and remain there when things are not going well. Tell him how important he is attractive to you and how it makes the world a better place.


Give him freedom and never indignant. Encourage him to take in their Hobbies, sports and friendships. Trust him, he explores his passions and finds things in life that define him.


For most men sex is one of the most important components to create a special closeness and support relationships. Men need to feel attractive to you physically. Many boys find sex enjoyable when they are in a relationship with someone you love. He doesn’t want his pleasure was one-sided, your satisfaction is very important to him. He wants to know how much you want it. Be adventurous and explore each other.

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Find new ways to refresh the intimate relationship and make intimate experience exciting: dress sexy, use toys, let him think about you all day.


Men are attracted to confident, happy, independent women. Men are not supposed to make you happy, it is your personal duty. Relationships should complement and improve our lives. When we are in a good mood and self-perception, we are the most desirable. Love, appreciate, obosnuyte yourself and these feelings will return to you a hundredfold. One of the biggest aphrodisiacs for men to be in the company of a confident, sensual woman who loves and accepts herself for who she is.


Keep the secret, but not peregrinate, because the man will fall in love with your role, not you. Be mysterious subtle ways: surprise him from time to time, keep learning, keep its own interests, give the guy to understand that in you there is a lot more interesting than what it seems at first glance. Do not lay out before him all the cards at once. Slowed down and let your uniqueness to get into it gradually. Don’t rush love, life, give yourself to him, but all at once. Leave him intrigued and wanting more.


Everyone knows that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but it is not that it represents you business wife, it’s all about the emotional side of the issue. Light the candles, take the time to prepare interesting dishes, choose delicious ingredients and buy him a drink. All beautifully served, eat slowly, talk, listen, turn on romantic music, engage his senses, make sharing food with a beautiful ritual and then prepare for dessert.

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Messages, phone calls and meetings – try to keep the intimate train at the peak level, moderate his imagination is compelling. Let him know that he makes you feel when near you, and what his body does with your. Flirting is fun. Enjoy.


Laughter is contagious, it releases endorphins that make us feel awesome. Laughter is good for us physiologically and psychologically. When men are asked about the qualities they most appreciate in a woman, often a sense of humor is on the first place: the woman with whom they can laugh, magic. Relax next to him, joking, compete in wit, play with him, and you will always keep the intimacy, comfort, love and intimacy in their relationship.

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