Her name everyone should know: the incredible talent of Ukrainian women have conquered the world, the details

Ее имя должен знать каждый: невероятный талант украинки покорил весь мир, подробности

In Stockholm announced the winners of the Nobel prize for literature

Prestigious award for 2018 got a Polish writer of Ukrainian origin.

57-year-old Olga Tokarchuk became the owner of one of the most prestigious awards in the world. The writer called the leading Polish novelist of his generation, writes the BBC.

Ее имя должен знать каждый: невероятный талант украинки покорил весь мир, подробности

Olga Tokarchuk was born in 1962 in the Polish town of Sulechów (Lubusz).

The future novelist he graduated from the faculty of psychology at Warsaw University and worked for some time with a therapist.

Peru writer owns two collections of short stories and eight novels. Her works such as “Journey of the people of the book”, “Pravik and other times”, “the Last story”, “Runners” and others, translated into Ukrainian language.

We add that the Nobel prize for literature – not the first prestigious award Olga Tokarchuk. So, last year she was awarded the International man Booker prize for her novel “Runners”.

She won in one of interview spoke about his family. So, according to the writer, her grandmother was Ukrainian and grandfather was a pole. After the war the family scattered. Someone settled in Poland, some went to France.

Olga Tokarchuk admitted: “I do not know Ukrainian, although his father knows … And here in Lviv I have relatives not far from Zbarazh. In General, Tokarchuk originate from Currents near Ternopil”.

The writer often comes to Ukraine. Mainly on literary events. And when Olga Tokarchuk was working on a novel “Books of James”, he paid frequent visits to Western Ukraine for author’s research.

Recall that the Nobel prize was founded in 1901. Its winner receives a certificate, medal and a cash sum of nine million Swedish crowns (more than 900,000 dollars).

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Ее имя должен знать каждый: невероятный талант украинки покорил весь мир, подробности

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