Her husband, a gambling addict who murdered his wife, punished fate: details of tragic history

Мужа-игромана, убившего жену, наказала судьба: подробности трагической истории

Doctors have rescued a homeless man, and then it turned out that he is wanted by the police for a serious crime

A terrible story happened in Krivoy Rog. There used to be a respectable teacher in a medical College became a gambling addict and a murderer.

44-year-old Vyacheslav Gerasimov did not even know where it will leave the curve of Fate. From a respected teacher in the school he turned into a fallen homeless, deprived of human life – ex-wife, writes KP in Ukraine.

Мужа-игромана, убившего жену, наказала судьба: подробности трагической истории

Dirty and emaciated man was found near a monastery and an abandoned quarry. Doctors “emergency” brought the homeless to the city hospital.

The doctors were horrified how heavy is the status of a new patient, and began to save him. The man had at himself no documents and called the name, which, as it turned out, turned out to be phony.

In person it was obvious that he for some time lived on the streets, although he claimed that he sheltered in the monastery. But then he couldn’t get severe frostbite, from which a homeless person has gangrene of the lower extremities.

Doctors almost a month trying to save the patient’s leg, but the treatment gave no results and the limb had to be partly amputated.

All this time one of the lab wondering where she had seen this man. And suddenly remembered. The patient was her ex-teacher at a medical College. Moreover, he was wanted by the police for the brutal murder of his ex-wife.

Мужа-игромана, убившего жену, наказала судьба: подробности трагической истории

The staff of the medical facility reported the patient to the police.

Having seen militiamen, and he realized that he had come for his soul, Gerasimov confessed to killing the women.

As it turned out, with his wife, he separated two years ago and together they lived. On that fateful day, drunk Gerasimov appeared to his wife, and again began to demand money, to last the whole night “hanging out” in the hall of slot machines. The neighbors said that he often appeared his ex-wife, terrorized her and even beaten.

Apparently, after the divorce he fell completely, all the money squandered on the machines, and somewhere on the street, from the school it was spectacularly fired.

Мужа-игромана, убившего жену, наказала судьба: подробности трагической истории

Sunday morning, March 24, drunk and angry Gerasimov came to the wife to beg for money. He couldn’t open the door because he didn’t have his key and demanded that the wife came down to it. The woman closed the apartment 6-year-old daughter and went to her husband.

Later a bloody 35-year-old Svetlana has reached out to neighbor, could only utter, “Help me cut” and collapsed unconscious. The arrived doctors “fast” ascertained that she died.

Police found blood in the Elevator, where Gerasimov began his knife to strike his wife, and then on the landing, where he “finished off” Svetlana. After the massacre at the entrance he threw the knife and ran.

The police declared him wanted on suspicion of murder.

Here and later, the murderer has already been punished Fate, found.

Recall that the killer of the famous Ukrainian photographer out already.

As reported Politeka, the suspect in the murder of a guard Poroshenko surrendered to the police.

Politeka also wrote that Putin was buried in Russia: there are photos of the grave, “a despot, a murderer, a thief.”