“Helped Putin in the Donbass” in Ukraine are going to hold a “parade of bones”

"Помогали Путину на Донбассе": в Украине собираются провести "парад на костях"

Veterans of the war in the Donbass decided what they will do on Independence Day in Kiev

In social networks people’s Deputy of Ukraine semen Semenchenko, who was the commander of the battalion “Donbas”, said that he was going to do with co-workers on August 24. He’s not going to go to the parade, only to lay flowers and remember those who died. Semenchenko do not like the fact that to this day still no one is punished for war crimes and crimes against Maidan.

"Помогали Путину на Донбассе": в Украине собираются провести "парад на костях"

“On the parade. I ask that my colleagues are going to do 24 Aug. In a column, and who will go. No. August 24 we with colleagues will gather and lay flowers at the wall of remembrance. And then we can go remember those who died in Ilovaisk in the day, when in Kiev heard the parade,” writes Semenchenko.

He also remembers that people were killed in in the Donetsk airport, Saur-Grave, section D, Shirokino and in many other places. Semenchenko adds, no one has punished those who sabotaged the investigation, plundered the army, and helped Putin in Ilovaysk, Debaltsevo, and Minsk. Was given positions in the Ukrainian economy, politics and information field. Freedom of those who passed the Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk.

"Помогали Путину на Донбассе": в Украине собираются провести "парад на костях"

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“Still sitting in the prisons of thousands of soldiers and volunteers. And too many of those involved in this all those involved in direct action or complicity will use this day to return to power and continue. We still fight for our Independence.

So until then, for me personally, the parade on August 24 will be associated with the “parade of bones” — 24.08.2014. For Independence must be fought not on the charts. Will samarium after the Victory,” concludes Simon Semenchenko.

We will remind, the parade to the Independence Day will be held in Kyiv, appeared on the schedule

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