Help for the military who want the pot medicinal

commerce-decrit-comme-dispensaire-cannabis(Quebec) A group promoting medical cannabis intends to open as soon as possible an office in Quebec to help the military – and other chronically ill – to get and eat grass.

Already, the organization for Trauma Marijuana has 13 offices across the country in cities that sometimes evoke the names of bases of National Defence: Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Trenton, Kingston … And soon the capital of Québec, known for its Citadel and Valcartier garrison? “It’s our goal to open one in the region.” When? “As in a year,” says National Manager of Operations, Jean-Guy Bourguignon, in a telephone interview with The Sun.

Why Quebec? “Because there is a demand. […] There are a lot of soldiers in the region who call us, who need assistance. ”

Unlike Weeds shop: Herbs and Curiosities closed by police in Quebec City in late August, there will be no question of selling pot, warns Mr. Bourguignon. He insists Marijuana for Trauma is not a clinic. “We associate patients with doctors and licensed producers.” An intermediate species, so.

Founded by veterans, the company relies on a predominantly military customers: over 80% of the members are from the ranks, evaluates our interlocutor.

People Marie-Jeanne

It must be said that Mary Jane is increasingly popular among men and women who have worn the uniform. The Auditor General informed us earlier this year that Canadian taxpayers pay $ 25 million for medical pot veterans in one year. There are three years, the bill was only $ 400,000.

The doors of Marijuana for Trauma, however, are wide open to all citizens interested in learning more about the product; cancer first responders suffering post-traumatic stress disorder through the relatives of elderly people taking a lot of drugs, says Jean-Guy Bourguignon.

The group does not play the matchmaker, he adds. It shoulder customers: help finding a doctor who knows and prescribed cannabis, support for veterans wishing to apply for a refund directive for consumption … They have “cannabis coaches.” They even offer cooking classes. Sorry? “A large majority do not smoke it. They consume it in capsules or in their food, “he says.

Percentage of sales

And how are these services funded? A bit like pharmacies and medical centers, says Mr. Bourguignon. Marijuana for Trauma receives a percentage on prescriptions and sales of the producers. And many volunteers from customers, participate in the activities.

Marijuana for Trauma will be in Quebec on Saturday for a briefing on the use of cannabinoids in the treatment of chronic pain and post-traumatic stress. Will present the clinical coordinator of the organization, François Hallé. But also two representatives of a company licensed by the state to grow and sell grass, Hydropothecary Gatineau. The meeting takes place between 10am and 15:30 Hotel Plaza Quebec. Who can go? “Anyone who needs help. It’s open to everybody who needs information on medical cannabis. ”

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