Hell the cataclysms will finish the Earth, scientists are sounding the alarm: a frightening forecast

Адские катаклизмы добьют Землю, ученые бьют тревогу: появился пугающий прогноз

Destructive elements and extreme weather conditions threaten all living organisms

El niño is a warming of the surface waters in the Eastern Pacific, it is likely that this already leads to the fact that awaken extreme weather conditions, which deteriorated due to climate change.

Scientists warn that 2019 could be the most hot in the history of mankind, as global warming affects atmospheric and climatic phenomena. About it writes National Geographic, reports Know.

Not a secret that global warming affects atmospheric and climatic phenomena, which, in turn, affect the entire planet. It is because of El Nino next year could be the hottest in the history of meteorological observations fixed.

Адские катаклизмы добьют Землю, ученые бьют тревогу: появился пугающий прогноз

El niño can occur when dramatic temperature fluctuations in the upper layers of water in the Equatorial Pacific ocean. This phenomenon can slow or completely block the trade winds and the upwelling of deep ocean waters to the surface. This, in turn, large-scale impact on the climate of the entire planet. This occurs every 2-7 years, can last for about 6 months and affected almost the entire planet.

Scientists note, four of the hottest years in history were in the period from 2015 to 2018.

Warming world means greater and greater manifestation of the destructive elements and severe weather conditions, such as heat, forest fires, droughts, flooding, and devastating storms. In 2018 in the Northern hemisphere were 70 tropical cyclones or hurricanes that is greater than the average value of the previous periods, which amounted to 53, informs the edition. Powerful and often record-breaking storms caused havoc and caused enormous economic damage and resulted in losses of human lives.

Адские катаклизмы добьют Землю, ученые бьют тревогу: появился пугающий прогноз

Also earlier it was reported that natural disasters will deprive Ukrainians of the whole time of year.

Scientists warn of climate catastrophe that is rapidly coming to Ukraine. In the near future the country is in danger of losing winter. Member of the intergovernmental panel on climate change Svetlana Krakowski told the details of the phenomenon.

Recently, scientists conducted a study that showed how global warming will change life in Ukraine. The results were frightening. As experts predict, before the end of the 21st century in the country will disappear “winter climate”. It provides that the average daily temperature falls below zero. Through couple of tens years the freeze will stop in the South of Ukraine. According to the researchers, if the thermometer will drop below zero, it is extremely rare and for a short time.

We will remind, the fire disaster has befallen Russia.

As reported Politeka, powerful catastrophe gripped the Ukrainian land.

Also Politeka wrote that the irreversible catastrophe will destroy all of Europe.