“Hell of flame escaped from under the asphalt”: the video of the incident that paralysed the capital

«Адский язык пламени вырвался из-под асфальта»: видео ЧП, парализовавшего столицу

In one of the districts in the capital was PE

From the ground burst a gas fire in the area of the Novodevichy convent in Moscow.

In the district of Khamovniki was a release of gas are all around the fire, the cracks in the pavement rose. On the spot on duty firefighters:

“There is a danger that there will be more emissions, and more. No one was injured” — the telegram-channel LifeShot.

Witnesses reported that firefighters arrived in time, now they are working on location — to find out the cause of the ejection and the size of the leak:

“…Drive and other online services. Close under the land accumulated gas and can bombanut”.

Now fire open the asphalt near the house №4 at the Novodevichy proezd in Moscow. To understand the volume of a gas leak, the rescuers can’t yet. Locals say, the flames are already out of the ground. Heard a Bang.

It is also known that eyewitnesses heard bangs and saw flames escaping from under the ground. In the Russian emergencies Ministry have already reported that the cause of PE was the short cable.

As previously reported, in Russia, broke out a large-scale fire, because the fire element there entered emergency mode.

On the territory of Baikal region (Russia) has imposed a state of emergency due to severe fires that erupted in the region.

As a result of the disaster suffered 289 people, including 39 children. 108 people were evacuated. Currently in temporary accommodation are 78 people, about it write the Russian media.

«Адский язык пламени вырвался из-под асфальта»: видео ЧП, парализовавшего столицу

All the victims were hospitalized, for medical assistance currently turned 23 people. Seven people are being treated on an outpatient basis. The condition of two persons is estimated as heavy, even five – wounds of moderate severity. As a result, emergency no one was killed.

Temporarily fulfilling duties of the Governor of Transbaikalian edge Alexander Osipov called the cause of several fires in Transbaikalia. They happened because people – due to the burning of garbage and wood materials.

According to him, two fire came from behind the border of Mongolia, but because of the strong wind they quickly spread throughout Russia.

Recall that Notre Dame could collapse at any moment, there is a new danger that threatens the heart of France.

As reported Politeka, hero of the day celebrated the birthday in cafe, but a powerful explosion took his life.

Also Politeka wrote that the charred corpse of the businessman was found near Kiev.