Hell fire threw the fighters of VSU under Gorlovka, this night the enemy not to forget: “direct hit!”

Адский костер развели бойцы ВСУ под Горловкой, эту ночь врагу не забыть: "Точное попадание!"

In the area of Gorlovka fighters APU exact hit burned the warehouse of ammunition of terrorists Donetsk

This was announced on his page in Facebook famous volunteer Yury Mysyagin.

“Remember how a few days ago, the infantry of the 1st battalion, 53rd brigade distinguished?Then, in response to the attacks, they exact getting burned warehouse BC. For a long time then everything burned and sparked,” recalls Mysyagin.

On Friday, may 10, in the area of Gorlovka same thing happened just like a few days ago.

Адский костер развели бойцы ВСУ под Горловкой, эту ночь врагу не забыть: "Точное попадание!"

“The day I found where more actively worked on their flanks, the evening definitely answered by an unknown caliber, and after all night absolutely calmly watched the fire and the glow on the advanced positions of the enemy. Works the infantry,” said the volunteer.

Адский костер развели бойцы ВСУ под Горловкой, эту ночь врагу не забыть: "Точное попадание!"

Earlier it was reported that in a network there was an impressive video of the destruction of the Ukrainian military command post militants LC. The staff concerned have published the volunteer Yury Mysyagin in the social network Facebook.

“Brilliant operation! Battle group K-2 of the 54th brigade, completely destroyed the command post of the enemy in Luhansk region. In this operation the enemy lost 6 people dead and 4 wounded. And not the fact that the victims, later became more,” the volunteer wrote in his post.

Yuri Mysyagin says that the command post of the enemy situated near a small abandoned village (all locals long since kicked) long and secretly watched and gathered information.

“Tried to do everything very carefully and possibly to detect. Worked our “eye in the sky” — quadcopters and drones. Working intelligence. Observers were working on the positions. The information was gathered, accumulated and well analyzed. Waited for the moment when at the command post at the same time, a large number of people.And then came “X” and the operation began. Was raised quadcopters for accurate adjustment of fire. A few minutes from the command post nothing left,” wrote the jury in a statement.

We will remind, the fighter of the OOS made a shocking statement: “I Think that we’re guest workers”.

As reported Politeka, APU fighters liquidated a commander of the militants, the details of the operation.

Also Politeka wrote that the APU is severely attacked militants in OOS: from Putin considers the loss.