Hebert: From darkness to light

vrai-david-hebert-reapparu-dernieres(Granby) Before Friday night’s program, David Hébert occupied the 13th place in the riders changed at Autodrome Granby, a totally unusual position for him.

But now, the driver of Saint-Damase went from darkness to light when he won the 50-lap presented at a perfect evening for the stock car. And fans responded well since they were more than 3,500 in the stands.

Fourth party, Hébert took the lead in the 23rd round of the final 50 and never looked back thereafter. The real David Hebert reappeared Friday.

Hébert beat François Bernier, Kayle Robidoux, Steve Bernier and Mathieu Desjardins, who started first and remained in the lead until the ONE driver doubles. We were treated to a final uneventful, with only two small yellow flags.

“It feels good, it is clear, said Hébert. The last few weeks have not been easy either in track or outside with all these stories engines and this victory is good news through all that. ”

During last week, the mechanics Hébert worked hard on the Chevrolet Motor Car Champion modified.

“In fact, we put our smaller engine. Because of the power of Dodge, it needs to be done this year. But that’s okay, we’ll beat them like Dodge! ”

At the same time, Hebert admitted he was eager to talk about something else.

“I know for a fact that DIRTcar will not increase the current weight of the car (Steve) Bernier and Robidoux. Honestly, I am very bitter over this story. But we will do with the situation, it seems that we have no choice. ”

Further, Franqois Bernier seemed very pleased with his second place.

“I, as long as I finish my races and I do not damage my car, I’m happy !, said the party was 12th. This week, the car was really perfect. We roll with new dampers and they responded very well on the dry track. Yes, I’m very happy. ”

Bernier was also eager to hear no more of the engine case. It must be said that it is in a particular position. Its engine is a Chevrolet, but his brother Steve, he is very close, with rolls of Dodge.

“I do not believe in the supposed superiority of Dodge. There, it’s been two weeks since the Chevrolet win. I think we made a big story with not much. ”

Mr. Adam remains prostock

François Adam retained his title of Mr. prostock, who was due to his great rival Jocelyn Roy in the final 50 laps.

“I’m 12 left and I worked very hard, very hard, he mentioned. Fighting with Jocelyn is always fun. But I really wanted to win, I wanted to stay Mr. prostock. ”

Adam had less luck in the sportsman class he favors this year, when he had to retire halfway the final 30 laps. The victory went to Martin Pelletier, his third of the season.

Francis Methot has finally prevailed in the speed of the STR Revstar series.

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