Heatwave electro on the Plains

tout-juste-avant-entree-scene(Quebec) CRITICAL / The heatwave has not slowed the enthusiasm of electro music lovers, who have gradually taken over the Plains of Abraham as the great ÉlectroFEQ evening progressed. The site was busy with the arrival of the Chicago DJ Gary Ryan Raddon, aka Kaskade, who literally boosted 1:30 during a very young and playful audience fond of techno music.

Launching its segment with its mega-hits rather hovering Atmosphere, Kaskade first made ​​his public singing and shouting before leaving his most intense rhythms to literally jump up. “Let’s go, Kaskade!” In the words at one time comedian André-Philippe Gagnon in a memorable imitation of Jean-Paul Belmondo.

Names were perhaps less fat than Diplo and Skrillex last year electronic evening of the QEF, but unlike them, which cheated no one pretending to create their mix on site, electro artists of 2016 Kaskade first, gave themselves at least worth to wield their consoles and live keyboards.

Kaskade climbed on his mixer to greet the crowd and to sing with him the words of the introduction of Something Something. “My name is and I am Kaskade Los Angeles party to come here!” The American offered a performance enhanced by projections and moult smoke effects, laser and pyrotechnics.

Just after interpreting Fakin It, a roll room there is only a month and not on any of his albums, Kaskade spoke of his love for the city of Québec and its progression in the world of electronic music.

“You have a very beautiful city. The first time I played here was in a very small club where perhaps some of you were present, and now I am before a crowd of 20,000 people. The next part is a little history of how we go from this little club here, “he said to present We do not Stop, which ended the evening in an explosion fireworks.

Adventure Club

Just before the debut of Kaskade, the duo Quebec Adventure Club, composed of DJ Christian Srigley and Leighton James, who had the mission to prepare the ground.

Both Montrealers tanned complexion, the pompadour cut and tattooed arms were able to prevail on the Plains of Abraham an atmosphere worthy of the Beach Club in Pointe-Calumet dubstep with their heavy and repetitive which they gave life to a wide array of consoles topped with a giant screen, where projections rather embellished their incredible sound editing.

The guys even did sing the crowd when they launched their built mounting around the success The Rhythm of the Night of the Italian Eurodance group Corona, and even though most of the audience were too young to have danced to this title reached the second position of the Canadian RPM charts Dance in 1994.


The French DJ Hugo Pierre Leclercq, aka Madeon (an anagram of “Deamon”, the pseudonym he used before the age of 16 years) has won several Wednesday. Wearing a black cap, the kid with long hair who just turned 22 but has already collaborated with Lady Gaga proved that electronic music did not have to rhyme with the mix made ​​in advance.

Leclercq recreating public before her big heavy and danceable rhythms of Parisian nightclubs. You could see his fingers running on its consoles and keypads, all that jumping fist in the air, to find that he was not trying to do without one and that he too was indeed all that live .

DJ praised his countrymen Daft Punk in the middle of his performance by using a sampling of Around the World, a global success almost as old as him, having been recorded in 1995 and Madeon was born in May 1994!


Arrived late due to a puncture, according to the Summer Festival, the London duo AlunaGeorge began his service half an hour later than expected, which allowed the Vanic Vancouverites spend a little more time on stage .

Although voice, the singer Aluna Francis arose wearing a bathrobe, but with a temperature close to 40 ° C with the humidex factor, it took the board pretty quickly.

The beauty is rather executed in white shorts, sneakers and multicolored high Wedges, the perfect uniform for the danceable rhythms of his sidekick George Reed, she followed undulating hips. Delay obliges the duo, however, was limited to 22 minutes on the big stage of the Plains of Abraham because he had to prepare the room for Madeon.

Launching its segment with its mega-hits rather hovering Atmosphere, Kaskade first made ​​his public singing and shouting before leaving his most intense rhythms to literally jump up.

They do not need to be told: the volunteers of the St. John Ambulance know every year that ÉlectroFEQ evening dedicated to techno and electro music will be their busiest of the Quebec City Summer Festival (QEF ). Especially when it occurs in the middle of a heat wave. “It is no worse or better than other years,” said a volunteer at Sun after the media have seen the security service out with several young fans visibly intoxicated. “This is dehydration or poisoning … it’s what a festival!” Said another volunteer, adding that dehydration did not appear more even if the FEQ now forbidden to bring festival goers beverages in party sites, rather asking them to fill their empty bottles at the fountains installed on site. “This policy is good and less good,” said the second volunteer. “From the good, because he is not returning only water in bottles and it contributed to the poisoning. Less good because the number of fountains is not enough and that some do not take the time to fill their water bottles because of the long lines, “she says.

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