Heat and storms: the weatherman said the forecast for the beginning of the week

Тепло и грозы: синоптики уточнили прогноз на начало недели

Weather in Ukraine may 13, will bring Ukrainians warming and storms, — informs hydrometeorological centre

Forecasters reported that on Monday in Ukraine again, rains and thunderstorms, which will cover the whole territory of the country. However, the unpleasant impression from the weather nature decides to compensate for the heat. So the weather in Ukraine may 13, will please the “pros” on the thermometers. The average daily temperature reaches + 20-22 degrees.

Regarding wind speed, may 13, weather forecasters predict calm.

Further detailed information about what will be the weather in Ukraine may 13:

On the West of the country today with thunderstorms. + 8-10 night + 19-21 day.

In the Carpathians may 13, rains and thunderstorms. The night temperature in the mountains will be an 8-10 day 15-17.

Тепло и грозы: синоптики уточнили прогноз на начало недели

Weather in Ukraine on may 13

Warm and humid today and in the territory North of the areas where at +10-12, +21-23 heat. Thunderstorms.

Thunderstorms and rain this Monday and forecasters predict the East of the country. Night of 9-11, the day 21-23 of heat.

Today will be rainy and in the center, where the night of 9-11, the day 20-22. Thunderstorms.

On the South of the country on may 13, according to forecasts of Hydrometeorology, also expected with thunderstorms. + 10-12 night + day 21-23.

Is today’s rainy weather and on the Crimean Peninsula, where at +10-12, by day 20-22. Thunderstorms.

+ 10-12 night + 20-22 afternoon thunderstorms — so will the weather on may 13 the Crimean Peninsula.

Weather in Kiev 13 may will be quite warm, night air temperature +10-12 heat, day + 21-23. Thunderstorms.

Central geophysical Observatory of Ukraine reported that the coldest this day was in Kiev in 1990: -0.8; and the warmest in 1996 to +29.9.

Тепло и грозы: синоптики уточнили прогноз на начало недели

Weather in Ukraine on may 13

In the folk calendar may 13 — Jacob warm. It was believed that on this day, stop matchmaking and began preparation for weddings. To Woo in may was forbidden, because, on the signs of life the couple will not be, the couple will be all life “to suffer”.

Also may 13, forbidden to travel, because people were convinced that in a way they can grasp the spring of the disease. To avoid this, before you travel to be sure to swim in the pond.

Folk omens may 13:

  • A lot of juice flowing from birch trees and summer will be a lot of rain.
  • Clear sunrise — the summer will be dry and warm.
  • The stars hid may 13 — the rain.

Recall that the elements raged in Ukraine, there are victims: the details of the tragedy.

As reported Politeka, the weather is preparing to make a “pause” in Ukraine: “Enjoy the luxury”.

Also Politeka wrote that the weather in Ukraine will strike the sudden change: “rejoice not +39”.