Heart stopped well-known TV presenter, which is known by millions: “Suffer from weakness”

Остановилось сердце известной телеведущей, которую знали миллионы: «Страдала от слабости»

In a hospital in the UK died one of the most experienced TV presenters in the country

It is reported by The Sun.

“Nancy Wigginton, known under the pseudonym of Nan Winton, died at the hospital. According to local police, in recent years she suffered from weakness and was falling over. The day before she died with a broken hip was taken to hospital where she was operated on”, — stated in the message.

Остановилось сердце известной телеведущей, которую знали миллионы: «Страдала от слабости»

After the operation the woman was transferred to intensive care because of the problems.

“After that Wigginton was transferred to intensive care due to problems with the heart, kidneys and respiratory system. Cause of death the doctors called heart failure, hypertension, and senile weakness”, — underlined in the message.

Specify that Vinton worked as an announcer for the BBC since 1958. She also participated in the creation of programs and Around Town and Panorama. She remained the only female speaker on the canal until 1975.

As previously reported, the match referee in the top division of the championship of Bolivia died of cardiac arrest right during the game. The tragedy occurred in the city of El Alto during the match of 25 Matchday of the championship, which of olvehjjs Redi met in his field with Oriente Petrolero.

The main referee of the match Victor Hurtado became ill and in the 48th minute of the match he fell to the turf.

As reported by Los Tiempos, a 32-year-old referee was moved to the first cardiac arrest, but doctors from both teams managed to resuscitate him.

Victor Hurtado was urgently hospitalized in a local hospital, where he suffered a second cardiac arrest, after which the doctors were not able to save him.

The match was played with a backup arbitrator, and the hosts eventually won with the score 5:0.

It is noted that the stadium in El Alto is located at the altitude of 4150 meters above sea level and is considered the highest arena where you play football on a professional level.

Остановилось сердце известной телеведущей, которую знали миллионы: «Страдала от слабости»

Earlier, England had lost one of the best goalkeepers in the football history, Gordon banks.

As reported Politeka, announced record spending of football clubs on transfers: the sum is impressive.

Also Politeka told me that the main rich of the football world: how to earn the clubs.