Heart stopped by a famous poet: his books are adored by adults and children

Остановилось сердце известного поэта: его книги обожали взрослые и дети

Stopped beating heart of the famous poet, whose works were known and loved by all

This is reported by Russian media.

“Departed this life poet, author of numerous books for children Vasily Markovich Nechunaev. This spring, it celebrated its 80th anniversary.He has published more than ten books for young readers: “Fast plane”, “the tale of the clockwork frog”, “grandma’s ball”. He penned a collection of lyrical and humorous poems for adults, literary parodies and translations from German “Necklace,” the message reads.

Остановилось сердце известного поэта: его книги обожали взрослые и дети

Check that the poet directs the children’s creative Studio at regional writers ‘ organization.

“Of the many trips to the Altai territory brought poems written by children. Many of his poems were included in the Golden Fund of poetry for children”, — underlined in the message.

We already know that the farewell to Nechunaeva will be held October 9 from 9:00 to 11:00.

As previously reported, the musician died at the age of 80 years on the morning of 6 October. On the death of a star announced on his official page in social network Facebook.

“We are very sad to say that ginger this morning, peacefully died. Thank you all for your kind words to us over the past weeks,” – says the message.

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All the news

The musician died at the hospital. The fact of his death was confirmed by the official representative of the Baker.

Ginger Baker was the drummer for the rock group Cream, which he founded in 1966 with Eric Clapton and Jack Bruce. The team is regarded as the first supergroup in the history of rock music. In just two years of existence, the trio from 1966 to 1968, the album has sold 35 million copies.

The double album Wheels Of Fire became the first in history, received the platinum status.

After the breakup of the music band in 1968 ginger continued to play with Clapton in the band Blind Faith. However, it lasted long.

Остановилось сердце известного поэта: его книги обожали взрослые и дети

We will remind, has died legendary tenor Marcello Giordani.

As reported Politeka, died a young star of Ukrainian cinema.

Also Politeka wrote that died a famous Russian actress: “star husband remained a widower”