Healthy sweets for the figure: the scientists shared their discovery

Полезные сладости для фигуры: ученые поделились открытием

It is considered that the sweet — the cause of excess weight, but scientists have smashed this myth

Researchers from the United States reported that they conducted studies that refuted the theory that sweets are the cause of weight gain.

According to scientists, in fact, wrong to blame the sweet that people gaining weight, because you can recover from any of the products if exceed kallara products and maintain a passive lifestyle. You can eat above normal amounts of calories even in case you have not sweet and not starchy foods, and healthy foods, such as fish or meat.

Полезные сладости для фигуры: ученые поделились открытием

Scientists say that eating sweets is not in itself a reason for gaining weight. Were those with a sweet tooth have a smaller waist than those who do not consume sweets at all. However, the fact is that the sweet contains a lot of calories and hard to stop.

The experiment was conducted over 5 years involving about 19 thousand people.

Thus, the use of certain kinds of sweets can have a positive effect on human health. For example, eating chocolate reduces the risk of certain diseases, as, for example, regular consumption of chocolate by 15% reduced the risk of metabolic syndrome, and 14% the risk of developing hypertension.

According to nutritionists, if you eat dessert no more than 10% of the daily value for calories, that you can not worry about the shape, and there is a number of sweets without worrying about the figure.

Полезные сладости для фигуры: ученые поделились открытием

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However, scientists say that the sweet selection is to give preference to healthy sweets that do not contain large quantities of preservatives and dyes, such as black chocolate or marmalade.

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