Healthy sexuality explained to young people

sexologue-clinicienne-marie-paul-ross(Trois-Rivieres) Hypersexualization, pornography, Internet, awakening love, social media, peer pressure, reputations, lack of training on sexuality in schools.

Young people today have reason to feel mixed or poor, when the time comes to discern what is normal or not for their age on sexuality.

That’s better equip and inform the secondary Institute Keranna received, on Thursday, Marie-Paul Ross sister, nurse, doctor of clinical sexology, legal expert and author of many books on the subject.

“Is it okay to have sex before 18?” Asked a girl in the audience whose average age was 13 years.

Sister Ross has not advanced any age, in its response. Instead, it makes you think aloud his young audience about the “essential conditions” that must govern sex, conditions, she will specify, that many adults do not respect.

“I speak not just of coitus when I talk about sex,” held to qualify the sexologist.

The answers are naturally going of young people in the room: trust, made to feel ready, love, self-esteem and respect.

To this, Marie-Paul Ross adds that it is also “being in an adult state,” that is to say, be able to assume all the responsibilities and possible consequences, such as unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections and blood, she illustrates.

These consequences are costly to the health system and are costly in terms of human values, noted sexologist who accompanied many young women after an abortion.

“Sex full (youth) is a medical and social problem,” she pleads.

Young people are often mixed up between what is healthy and normal and models conveyed in society and the media.

Sister Ross invited young people to use their “GPA”, their “emotional free” to live well their sexuality according to their age. “Self-esteem must be the basis for our answers,” she said.

For this, explains the clinical sexologist, you must love her body and does not compare to models that are presented in the media as these bodies “are a commercial thing,” she said.

“You have the duty to love your body, otherwise, you become suggestible,” she explains.

But this self-esteem starts very young, adds Marie-Paul Ross. “The child, to love, needs the other love,” she says.

From there, there was a short step to the sexologist, to the issue of bullying, a topic of great concern to young and now that is not foreign to their sexuality.

Some young indeed agree to engage in sexual activities because they face pressure from their peers or rejection.

To counter such pressure, sexologist offers tools. “Be yourself. If others do not like me, that’s their problem, not mine. The bully each other, it is she who needs help, “says Ross sister remembering that one must be aware that today, we live in a disposable society, particularly in terms of ruptures love.

“A small text message and you’re dismissed,” she illustrates a situation in which many adolescents face.

“Have good friends”, also argued the young sexologist, friends with whom you can talk and do not you dévaloriseront, she pleads.

Sister Ross was keen to talk about young beauty. “It’s beautiful free girl who loves and is able to say yes or no. And it’s beautiful boy capable of love, “she said.

“Sexuality is a push towards love and life,” argues the speaker.

She said that fortunately is not the strong majority who live “the ordeal of sexual practice too young.”

The problem that often arises is that “those who practice other than to say it’s normal.”

So what do we do, asked Marie-Paul Ross to the room. “Do not care for the opinions of others,” retorted wisely a girl in the audience.

Sexual curiosity, she is part of the development of all human, shade the speaker. But sexuality that is conveyed today in the company “is obsolete,” she repeated several times.

The hyper and pornography, “it comes from corrupt adults. The body is not an object of consumption, “argues Marie-Paul Ross.

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