Healthy lifestyle called the myth: “it’s fashionable”

Здоровый образ жизни назвали мифом: «это просто модно»

The vast majority of people blindly believe in health myths

Evolution has adapted humans to the consumption of meat and long distance running, but most of all trying to extend its life common myths. About this in his blog said Tatiana Vorozhko.

Myth 1: Veganism and vegetarianism are useful because humans evolved to eat vegetables and fruits

The human body is perfectly adapted for the consumption of meat and fish. Moreover, we are what we are, precisely because they started eating meat. The genus Homo there are several million years and, according to archaeological finds, at least 2.6 million people (then more like a monkey) eat meat, first raw, and then thermally processed.

However, our teeth and jaws became smaller, there were cutters, and also decreased muscle in the lower face — I think we have become more attractive. Our predecessors had more free time — cave to paint or hammer the tip of the spear. And that is hunting and the division of labour, emerged, demanding greater coordination between members of the tribe, which in turn contributed to the development of cognitive abilities (brains grew).

Здоровый образ жизни назвали мифом: «это просто модно»

“Just because we evolved to eat meat doesn’t mean we should eat meat. In General, vegetarians live longer, ” was written to me by Professor Lieberman, to whom I turned for an explanation, now what do vegans. “There is nothing wrong in being a vegan or a vegetarian, but I believe that raising children vegan is dangerous”, he added.

Myth 2: Juice and juice useful

Eating an Apple is significantly more useful than made the juice out of it or even hand-made fresh. In fruits are glucose and fructose (about half past the liver processes into glucose). Glucose is the body is very necessary — without it the cells, including the brain die. But too much glucose has harmful effect. The brain and the pancreas constantly monitors the level of glucose in the blood with the help of the hormone insulin.

However, the body is not adapted to quickly allocate exactly as much insulin as you need. The fruits were not as sweet as it is now, and cakes 2000 years ago did not exist, not to mention the juices and Pepsi-Cola. If glucose comes from too many insulin stands out more than necessary. More glucose is stored as fat, and the constantly elevated level of insulin leads to diabetes of the 2nd type.

Myth 3: Sports is the best way to get rid of excess weight

Professor drew attention to how few calories we lose when doing sports and heavy physical labor. On the day of writing the article, I ran a little more than 5 km and burned to 324 calories to the caloric content of three bananas, or one of the rolls. And when a person suddenly spends a lot of energy, she releases the stress hormone cortisol, which a person becomes hungry. The body perceives this situation as a signal that you need to escape from a predator, and run the appropriate mechanisms. And, if you do sports at the expense of sleep, the harm is more than good, because lack of sleep promotes the secretion of the hunger hormone ghrelin. I think that all have seen builders and other workers engaged in heavy physical labor, with the bellies.

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Здоровый образ жизни назвали мифом: «это просто модно»

“You can lose weight through physical activity, but it requires a huge effort and time — wrote me a Professor, whom I asked, how, then, to deal with excess weight. Diet working much faster. However, physical activity is crucial in order to maintain a healthy weight. In any case, whether you need to lose weight or not, physical activity has significant benefits “.

Myth 4: Running long distance is a separate sport that is not for everyone

The human body over millions of years evolved from the fact that it is convenient to climbing trees, to walking and running long distances. Once our ancestors stood up on his hind legs, then they ran.

Lieberman points to adaptation of the organism under a long run: we can cool themselves in the movement through sweating, the whole surface of the skin, why not prevent the fur (other mammals, including dogs, to stop, to lie down and hard to breathe to lower body temperature), have short toes, comfortable for running the shape of the foot and the muscles of the human body — gluteus Maximus — which, despite the name, it is working while running. But in the sprint, even a house cat will make fools out of us.

We will remind, Yulia Vysotskaya against a healthy lifestyle.

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