He found the tiny eggs and decided to take a chance

What would you do if accidentally found the tiny eggs of unknown bird in an abandoned nest?

This guy decided on a good deed and made every effort to save and raise the Chicks! He shouldered the responsible burden, not looking for simple solutions, and engaged in hard work for the sake of saving little lives.

To build the incubator and wait until the eggs hatch was the easiest thing, which was to be the guy on this difficult path. But to feed Chicks proved to be difficult.

The Chicks had to be fed approximately 80 times per day, not only during the day and night. And if you take a break at least a little more than necessary, the Chicks were immediately weaker and wasted away, so I was constantly, a clear schedule to give the kids the food they need.

The guy really is a hero! He showed great love and patience!

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