Hazardous walls: a citizen pulls the alarm

selon-bromontois-michel-lemay-pancartes(Bromont) Climb on concrete walls surrounding the arena Bromont is a breeze laments Michel Lemay. According Bromont, signs prohibiting access, installed a few days ago by the City, are not sufficiently dissuasive. “The municipality could do much better than that to prevent youth to venture,” he says.

Although long Bromont, Michel Lemay has realized the danger of concrete curbs in March. “I was with my wife and children to the arena for soccer registrations. Several children had fun climbing on large concrete structures that rise to nearly 12 feet high. It took intervene several times to lower [ours] away. It was enough that a young lose up to a fall occurs. This is very dangerous !, he proclaims. As a parent, but also as a responsible citizen, I could not condone a situation like that. ”

Mr. Lemay has arrested about it the CEO of Bromont, Jean Langevin, sending him an email on 15 March. “This development presents a serious danger and I believe that action is required to improve safety at this location,” says the father in its first installment. This is the director of recreation, sports, culture and community life, Isabelle Valois, who responded to Mr. Lemay two days later, while suggesting that the City did not take the situation lightly. “We have seen already this problem and we will take action to improve safety. There are signs prohibiting access to structures, but we know that these panels do not prevent some young people [of the] scale. ”

Ms. Valois advanced about the steps to be taken by the city in this direction. “We’re going in first, analyze the technical feasibility to cut part of the four structures. Then we will analyze the costs and finally, we will proceed to work to eliminate access to these structures. We will do our best to realize that these actions by the end of the summer, “it said.


However, June 9, Ms. Valois wrote to Mr. Lemay that changes to the structure will not be realized.

“(…) It takes two and a half months to analyze the situation, to finally tell me that new signs will do. (…) With a park, a primary school and arena together in one area, there are plenty of children who are tempted to climb the walls. I’m sure there are smarter solutions to the problem of maintaining ineffective deterrents, “said in interview Mr. Lemay.


“Since 1976 these structures are there and there was never an incident, for its part, argues Ms. Valois in La Voix de l’Est. We still did some analysis to see if we could make changes [the walls]. But since it’s part of the structure, it is not possible. ”

Asked to comment on the City’s commitment to “eliminate access” to structures, Recreation Director has remained elusive. “These structures are part of the aesthetics of the arena. If you put cones or fences, visually, it would be less beautiful, “she stated before his mea culpa. “I made a mistake by me too forward on measures that could have made. (…) I think parents have a role to play in educating their children about the importance of not climbing on these structures. ”

Ms. Valois, however, opened the door to reassess the issue over the next year. “We found a temporary solution [with signs]. (…) If we realize that children continue to climb over the walls and that parents are struggling to play their part, we can reevaluate access. ”

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