Have Gontareva burned down the house: how it was actually scandalous exposé

У Гонтаревой сгорел дом: как все было на самом деле, скандальное разоблачение

Anchorman Andrei Palchevsky commented on the situation with the arson of the former head of the National Bank Valeria Gontareva

The corresponding video message he posted on his page in Facebook.

“Another fire at our Gontareva. Our Joan of Arc. Burned car. Now the house burned down, so you can walk to Jeanne d’arc. The only question is: who does it? To imagine that it makes the current government I can’t. But to imagine that it makes Gontareva to come back here under the pretext that she was allegedly intimidated – that’s what I believe completely,” — said Palchevskogo.

burn the bankers? and our money??

Posted by Andrew Palchevsky on Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Note that such a version was expressed by the political scientist Peter oleschuk.

“Do not forget that now all the same Gontareva is in a legal state. It is logical to assume that if sometime in Britain received a request for extradition, the local authorities will consider it seriously and, perhaps, even satisfy. Although there is an option how to protect themselves from the risk of extradition and to obtain political refugee status, ” said oleschuk.

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According to him, the burning of the house can help Gontareva in it.

“Obviously, the burning of the house at Home after the change of power — an excellent argument in this matter, which can serve as irrefutable proof of political persecution, and therefore cannot be extradited Gontareva in Ukraine, where it sooner or later but any questions. At least this scheme of explanation is no worse than “unknown Avengers”, which gave her such a strange scheme of “violence,” concluded oleschuk.

У Гонтаревой сгорел дом: как все было на самом деле, скандальное разоблачение

Recall about the management of the Bank: preparing for the big blow, Gontareva and resin out.

As reported Politeka, Dubinsky Scam uncovered girlfriends Gontareva: pay $9 billion from their pockets.

Also Politeka wrote that what happened actually with the crackdown on Gontareva, the police told all.