Have CIV zaklikaet povernuti logovu arena jokestan

У Києві закликали повернути льодову арену хокеїстам

Zanyattya conducted by mayut poculica vzhe 1 veresnya

Jokesthe sportive school “Sokil-Kyiv” in new educational year mozhut Obinitsa on vulitsi. Ledova arena, yaky vzhe renovalia children be called a few more years reconstruct. Alternative cadw have stolic – lachey two, and sportsmen – be called a few more hundred. Povernuti lid – uimahalli today activty pid Kabminom.

Fight for logovu arena visli dozens activsts.

“Zvernuti pay attention to the problem of General Ukrayinsky ice hockey I ice hockey dityachogo in CIV , in Ukraine. Sports complex “Avangard” znahodytsya on powny reconstruct 6 vzhe rokiv. Mi s dtime vzhe not can chekati,” says Olga Vigovska, Gromadsky Dec, mother jokesta.

Taqiy estimation metime sports complex “Avangard” after reconstruct. For the project, purshia Etap – captaini repair lodowa Areni – povinn b seversiti in this year.

“In 2010, the reconstruction of our Vanguard in the month of may and in September it means the same 2010о year was to come back school, but unfortunately, that’s how it all started – and that was it,” says Kostyantin, Simchuk, the head teacher of DYUSSH “Sokil-Kyiv”.

On but “Avant-garde” vihovanec sportive school “Sokil-Kyiv” trouts vzhe hope 30 years. From 2014 he became derzhavni, and has over the year trimas status bazi olimpisko, paralympism defles fields of study. For an hour reconstructs zanyattya conducted by Perelli to najblizsza lodowa kosanke. At the point z puticas sportsmen vzhe salesale three hundred.

“Today our school is engaged in more than two hundred children, but yet again we come to the very problem we have this year in the month of may ceased to exist so this is a temporary structure, a sulker – this rink on Obolon and in fact, our children were again on the street,” says Kostyantin, Simchuk, the head teacher of DYUSSH “Sokil-Kyiv”

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Abi diti Mali zmogu zaymatysya hakem – farther amatorki sukuti kosanke for trenomania. Seem infections such stolic leash DW. Hello I h Yuni jokesthe smushed dlite s himi sportivnimi sections.

“Little good changing rooms, little places. We have a great team, because I would like more space. We have a lot of clothes on the floor. I would like to have more benches and to fit,” says Volodya Karpachev, jokest.

Uchasnikiv acts have zapewnila – repair Avant-garde has to rozpocet.

“Minsterstvo mood I sport svernulos in cabnet menstru to Prem courier-mnestra s prajanam fidelity on nastupny year milionw 89 UAH for repair of the sovereign pdprimstvo the avant-garde. TSE bude Persha Cherga in order dwellers have nastupnogo year to CNCA rock stink pocha svoï trenovane,” says Mykola Danevych, the patron mnestra mood and sports of Ukraine.

But I farther, and Sami jokesthe seem, Yak bi TSE is not Zaragosa has to be called a few more years. After zanyattya conducted by mayut poculica vzhe 1 veresnya.

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