Haute-Mauricie: the success of business people rewarded

(La Tuque) This was the great feast of business people Friday in La Tuque. At the Gala Action Desjardins, the Chamber of Commerce and Haut-Saint-Maurice industry (CCIHSM) rewarded the successes of entrepreneurs who have distinguished themselves in the last two years.
This is the Microbrewery The sinner who won the coveted prize of the Business of the Year, in addition to get their hands on the trophy New Business.

“The jury has retained its provincial radiation and the rapidity of its radiation. […] As a new company, it is the speed of execution and startup was chosen, “commented the CEO of CCIHSM, Manon Côté. It must be said that this is an independent committee of the House that selected the recipients.

The two owners, Marc-Andre Ayotte and Michael Martineau, were pleasantly surprised by these honors.

“It was just a year. We did not expect that at all! We are proud and we will take that price. We will give him honor, “commented Marc-André Ayotte.

The public also had their say. The citizens were asked in recent weeks to vote for their favorite business, whether or not a member of the House. Latuquoise the population chose the FX Lamontagne shop.

The Employer category of choice has also been introduced in 2016 to highlight the efforts being made to balance work and personal life. This is the Seigneurie du Triton that stood out in this category. The owners, Annie Tremblay and Nicolas Bernard, are also mounted on the stage in the category Tourism and leisure.

The price of the Business Development Corporation (SDC) was presented at the Patisserie Indulge yourself. A choice that does not surprise the executive director of the Chamber.

“At every event, she soaked up the event. She turns her cake-like activity. She also made alliances with other SDC members, “she commented.

Mr. Lemieux La Tuque, Boutique Red Navy, Action Rhythm, Restaurant Boke and Mechanical Workshop Industrial La Tuque, were also awarded for their innovation in other categories.

Two prizes were awarded honors during the evening. Paul Naud was chosen as personality favorite of business people. The well-known businessman has also been very moved by the tribute.

“It’s a tremendous person involved for the needs of all organizations. […] His business is what it is thanks to him. He is generous and involved, “said the CEO of the CCIHSM.

John Spain, meanwhile, received the Roger Duchesneau, a distinction which is given to a person who voluntarily contributes, often in the shadows, the radiation of the House.

“He created the alliance of chambers of commerce and it has always been active and involved in the House. He always made his comments as constructive, “said Manon Côté.

The gala CCIHSM has once again sold out. The event helped to showcase the region and local products. A great success according to organizers, who already look to the next gala in 2018. “We are very satisfied with the participation. The party tonight is the community’s image of the upper St. Maurice, “commented the president of the CCIHSM Melanie Ricard.

“In two years, it will be the 10th edition of the gala and the 35th anniversary of the House. It’ll be something, “she said.

Action Desjardins Gala 2016
Company of the Year: Microbrewery The Sinner

New Business: Microbrewery The Sinner

business succession: Mr. Lemieux La Tuque inc.

Retail Shop Red Navy

services company: Rhythm Action Rec.

Tourism and leisure: La Seigneurie du Triton

Accommodation, catering and bar: Restaurant Boke

Indulge Bakery SDC

Employer of Choice: La Seigneurie du Triton

Forestry companies, manufacturing and agriculture: Mechanical Workshop Industrial La Tuque inc.

Company darling FX Lamontagne

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