Haunts us even in the shops: what kind of music is bad for the psyche

Преследует нас даже в магазинах: какая музыка плохо влияет на психику

Some shopping centres and shops do not even think what damage the psyche of their buyers they cause

It turns out that Christmas and new year songs, which will soon be playing in every shop, can have serious effects on our mental health. This writes the Business Insider.

According to clinical psychologist Linda Blair, relentless festive tunes can mentally drain people, given that they are constantly repeated.

Преследует нас даже в магазинах: какая музыка плохо влияет на психику

“Employees of stores at Christmas should set up a normal Christmas playlist, because otherwise it will interfere with you to concentrate on anything else. You just spend all your energy trying not to hear what they hear,” says Blair.

First holiday music can evoke a sense of nostalgia. But after the tenth or twentieth round you can feel the irritation, the boredom and even suffering.

“This is a “simple effect”. In fact, when you heard the song a number of times, the brain becomes saturated and you start to find it unpleasant. Other then stress about money, travel, etc., may worsen,” said NBC psychologist Victoria Williamson.

However, Christmas music is not going anywhere, because the shops see it as a factor of influence on customers who will spend more. In fact, some studies have shown that the right balance of Christmas songs can make buyers feel more positive. For this reason, some shops use “holiday scents” like pine and cinnamon.

Преследует нас даже в магазинах: какая музыка плохо влияет на психику

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