Harvey Weinstein : the producer breaks the silence – Here

Harvey Weinstein was one day or the other speak on the matter. The reporter Emily Smith has revealed on american television speaking with the producer on Tuesday on the sexual scandal of which he is the object.

It wasn’t expected anytime soon. At a time when the AFP announced that an investigation into a sexual assault in 2004 by Harvey Weinstein recently opened, the producer is out of the silence. Accused by many stars of the cinema having abused its power in the middle to put it in his bed, Harvey Weinstein would have finally expressed on the matter. It is with the reporter Emily Smith that he entrusted his first words : “My world is falling apart. I can’t believe this is happening “.

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The American has delivered the content of their conversation from Tuesday on the set of Page Six TV. The 65 year-old man has admitted he behaved in the “wrong way” and having ” need help “. He also admitted to having a lot of trouble to realize that his huge career in Hollywood is over, and that its greatest supporters (Hillary Clinton, Barack and Michelle Obama, editor’s note) have dropped.

EXCLUSIVE: Harvey Weinstein keeps calling @PageSixEmily to tell his side of the story. “My world is literally falling apart.” #PageSixTVpic.twitter.com/poTxfTr2nn

— Page Six TV (@PageSixTV) October 11, 2017

Since the testimony of Rose McGowan and Ashley Judd, the victims of never-ending talk. Angelina Jolie, Judith Godrèche, Emma de Caunes, Rosana Arquette and recently Léa Seydoux… All are passed between the claws of the powerful producer and have had the courage to lift the veil of manipulation and blackmail, including the co-founder of Miramax used to obtain sexual favors. And the testimonials have not may not be finished falling…

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