Harvard Professor: coconut oil worse than any other fat

Professor, School of public health Harvard Freiburg Karin Michels stated that the benefits of coconut oil — myth.

Професор з Гарварду: кокосове масло гірше, за будь-який інший жир

In an interview with German television, the Harvard Professor Karin Michels called the coconut oil isn’t just harmful product, but a real poison. An expert in the field of healthy nutrition believed that the use of oil does not positively affect your health, moreover, it is “one of the most harmful foods you can eat.” Katrin Michels stated that coconut oil is even worse than lard, and the large amount of saturated acids, informs Rus.Media.

The prerequisites for such a sentence was even earlier. The American Heart Association recommended to limit the use of coconut oil in the food. While three quarters of the US population believed that the product is healthy, only 37% of the dietitians agreed with it.

The Association said: “Since coconut oil increases cholesterol level is a cause of cardiovascular disease and has no known offsetting favorable effects, we suggest not to use it”.

Професор з Гарварду: кокосове масло гірше, за будь-який інший жир

Other organizations have given such notice. “Coconut oil can be included in the diet, but since the amount of saturated fat in it is high, it is necessary only in small quantities and as part of a healthy balanced diet,” said the British nutrition Foundation. Scientists agreed on the opinion that to date there is no conclusive scientific evidence of the health benefits of consuming coconut oil.

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