Harmful than Smoking and diabetes: what people will bring laziness

Вреднее курения и диабета: до чего людей доведет лень

Inactivity will lead humanity to terrible consequences, the scientists believe

Sedentary lifestyle (physical inactivity) brings death many times faster than Smoking, diabetes or high blood pressure. To such conclusion experts from the Cleveland clinic.

Вреднее курения и диабета: до чего людей доведет лень

For 13 years, the researchers analyzed the blood circulation system and respiratory function more than 122 thousand study participants, which were divided into five groups: from lost to participants with a high athletic training.

The study revealed that participants whose physical shape is at a level above the average, lived much longer, while those who led a sedentary lifestyle, the risk of premature death is increased five times. That’s more than anyone who smokes or has diabetes history.

According to scientists, no matter what age they are talking about, the fitness effect on the body positively at any age. As noted by the study’s author, cardiologist Wael Jaber is an active sport can not harm your health.

“Our research showed that people involved in sports, live the longest,” said Wael Jaber.

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The Ukrainians, who lead a sedentary lifestyle, gave advice on how not to harm your health. About this on his page in Facebook wrote acting Minister of health Suprun.

Вреднее курения и диабета: до чего людей доведет лень

According to her, today many people live between office chair and comfortable home-made sofa.

“A sedentary lifestyle — bad habits that affect health as bad as Smoking. According to studies, prolonged sitting and lack of activity are associated with increased risk of occurrence and aggravation of cardiovascular diseases, obesity, problems with the musculoskeletal system, diabetes of the 2nd type and even some types of cancer. Moreover, sedentary lifestyle is the cause 9% of premature mortality among the entire population of the world,” warned Suprun.

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